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MetroCover111-copyTrue Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgård recently spoke with Sweden’s Metro Magazine, in which he talks about his role as Eric Northman, the Vampire sheriff, discusses his acting career in general, and addresses some of the tabloid rumors that have come along with his increased fame. The folks at AlexSkarsgå translated the article.

According to Alex, he’s trying to settle in to life in Los Angeles and is looking for an apartment in Venice Beach close to his friends and costars, Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) and Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse).  Alex says that he and Stephen have gotten to be close friends during filming and the two of them get along very well:

Stephen is one of the crew that I work the most with, so we’ve really gotten to know each other. He is bloody funny, wicked British humor, relaxed as hell. A very good friend.”

Unlike his vampire alter ego, Alex has a tan from life in L.A., and he says:

“It’s one of the few areas where you actually can walk around. I grew up in Söder and I’m used to having my friends living some blocks away and that you meet up at the regular places and I miss it. So I will try to re-create a mini-Söder in Venice.”

Alex spoke a lot about some of his other acting work outside of Alan Ball‘s True Blood HBO vampire dramaseries. According to Alex, he was the first person to record his lines for the Swedish animated film Metropia. However, he says that the first time he saw the film there was “a three minutes long scene between me and my old man. He recorded his lines two months after me, it was bloody absurd.”  Alex told Metro that his acting work in the United States has really increased the number of Swedish roles he’s been offered as well:

“Yes. Five years ago there wasn’t a casting agent who would’ve placed me in a Swedish Generation Kill. I was like the high school guy.”

Alex has also just finished another Swedish project, Puss, under director Johan Kling, whom Alex feels is “one of the best directors in Scandinavia. Gustaf Skarsgård, Alex‘s little brother, also appears in the film, though they do not share screen time together.  Working with his family is something Alex would like to do more of, he says:

“We’re not looking actively for any projects together, but it would be so bloody fun. I would like to work with both my old man and my two brothers, who are actors.”

Since moving to Los Angeles, Alex “has gone from unemployed to celebrity,” and sometimes that increased attention he gets in the United States can be intimidating:

“You’re driving everywhere in L.A., so you always sit in that bubble of plate. But sure, after True Blood season two, I noticed a big difference. Of course I see that some things are written, but I never read fan sites or blogs. I don’t think it’s good for me. If it’s negative I know it will get to me. Or you just read positive things and your ego grows and sort of explodes.”

Alex doesn’t think that his fame has gone to his head, however.  He tells Metro, “Nothing would hurt me more than if they [his friends] said that I have changed.”

In addition to discussing his career, Alex also talked a little about his personal life.  He is content as a single guy.   When Metro pressed for more information about his love life, he responded with a laugh, saying, “Are you asking me if I get laid? No, not really.”  Alex dismissed the rumors about his supposed connections with costars Kate Bosworth and Evan Rachael Wood by stating:

“There’s not a young woman I know in Hollywood that I haven’t been connected too. But things like that happen. If I walk into a taxi with a girl, we’re married.”

Alex says that Kate Bosworth, his co-star in Straw Dogs “is incredibly strong in this film. She threw herself out there and took a big risk. There aren’t many good looking Hollywood chicks who would do that. She’s f-ing smart and a wicked girl. We are really good friends.”

As for his “Paparazzi” music video costar Lady Gaga, Alex says he doesn’t really know her.

“…we had one day of work together. It was crazy. She’s a bit sliced, but she’s also very driven. We had a blast.”

On his True Blood costar Evan Rachel Wood (Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq), Alex was all praise, stating his belief that “She is one of her generations best actresses, really good. I think she will become one of the biggest. F-ing young, only 22 years.”

Finally, Alex says of blogger Perez Hilton who has written extensively in praise of him:

“I don’t know him. It’s really funny that he does his thing and that people like it. I really don’t know, I have no relation to him what so ever. But apparently he’s got something.”

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