Alexander Skarsgard Talks about His Family and New Roles

July 16, 2010 by  

Alexander Skarsgard has made it big now, but like many actors this wasn’t always the case. In 2004, he was traveling between Sweden and the USA looking for job. The job market in Sweden was slow and jobs were hard to find, but the US market for actors was still good. In 2007, he got his first big series for HBO Generation Kill. Generation Kill was about a group of military men who were stationed overseas in Iraq and the daily struggles of being deployed. It was a very intense role for him, one which he played with great skill. We all know that very soon after that he was asked to be in True Blood to play Eric Northman which has escalated his popularity. While Alexander has been asked to play other vampire roles, he graciously declines stating that he doesn’t want to play to much of the same role.

In August, we will see Alexander in the Johan Kling’s movie Puss which deals with:

“a guy from Stockholm who is interested in making a career … at the same time he’s afraid of conflicts and he keeps getting into situations which he tries to resolve by lying and by doing so he is drawn further into a crappy situation.”

Right now it is rumored that he will play in Lars von Trier’s film Melancholia, but Alexander just commented that there are a lot of details still need to be worked out and that he will most likely say yes before reading the script. Supposedly, he and his father will play in that film. Having one or two Skarsgard is a very common sight in films in Sweden, Alexander comments on his sibling,

“…My brother Sam did some movies but he has studied to be come a doctor and the others are still teenagers and they need to have some fun before they decide what they want to do. My 14 year old brother Valter was in my movie To Kill a Child, but he mostly plays the guitar nowadays. He’s into death metal.”

We are very excited for Alexander and all of his endeavors! Tune into to True Blood this Sunday to see him play Eric Northman!

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