Alexander Skarsgard Talks with Interview Magazine

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alex1Alexander Skarsgard spoke to Interview Magazine recently. He spoke at length with Miguel Enamorado and Rebecca Sinn about his role as Eric Northman in HBO’s True Blood. During the interview Alexander discussed the bond between his character and Godric, his maker.

ENAMORADO: And there’s such a strong bond between your character and Godric.

SKARSGÅRD: Look, I’m 32 years old, and I’ve got a couple friends back home I’ve known for 25 years. Can you imagine a guy like Godric—they spent a thousand years together, and they were kind of a tag-team up until just  a hundred years ago. Just imagine what kind of bond you achieve in not 25 years but 800, 900 years. They have so much in common that they’re almost the same person.

He also spoke about the relevancy of vampires in today’s culture, saying that they represent consistency and permanence. Alexander knows Eric has killer instincts, and could act on them at any time. Also, he feels that today’s vampires are easier to relate to for audiences. Eric and Bill can go shopping at the mall and fit right in.

As far as Eric’s clothing goes, Alexander meets with Audrey Fisher, his costume designer, before each episode. They discuss ideas for each scene, and what Eric should be wearing. Alexander has quite a bit of input into Eric’s attire (such as the sweatpants and flip-flops outfit in Episode Two of this season), and doesn’t shy away from injecting a bit of humor into his portrayal of Eric.

He takes his role very seriously, maintaining an aura of mystery, on the edge suspense, and genuine curiosity –he’s believable every step of the way.  His fascination with Sookie always leaves fans wanting a little more from him, as does his perpetual indifference towards almost everything else. Above all else, Alexander knows Eric is a true killer, and is not afraid to exploit his darker side torturing victims. It’s nice know that Alexander Skarsgard enjoys his role as Eric Northman as much the legion of True Blood fans do!

Source: Interview Magazine

Photo Credit: Jim Pease

  • kathy

    I love this True Blood, and I have read all nine books. Alan Ball is doing a great job, and Ms. Charlaine is so talented. I personally like the way AB is presenting the books. Sookie, Bill, and Eric are the base of these stories, but I am thrilled Layfette is still in the storyline. He adds insight into this drama, and he is talented at sorting some of the mysteries we, the fans, so loyally watch for in each episode. You must understand that leaving you on the edge each Sunday is the best way to keep you watching. I personally believe that AB and Ms. Charlaine should each receive an award for keeping us guessing. Thanks Alan Ball for the script, and thanks Ms. Charlaine for the books.

  • pbartteacher

    As Godric says in a flashback from Eric being made. “He is father, brother and child to Eric throughout eternity. The scenes with Godric and Eric were some of the most touching and tortured scenes this season.

    Alexander continues to do an amazing job with the character of Eric. Instead of being just one sided, Alexander and Alan Ball have created a multi-layered vampire who is slowly being unraveled to the viewers. Especially this season, we are seeing many new emotions from Eric. Loyal, curious and protective but also threatening, dangerous, crazy when provoked. I love the laid back approach to the character. It is perfect for someone who is 1000yrs old. Like Eric says, nothing excites him except perhaps for Sookie.

    It was awesome to see Alex’s character smile in the last episode. Even if he is obviously plotting for Sookie. And what’s up with Jason? Looks like Eric has some future plans with Jason too.

    I look forward to many more seasons for my true blood addiction.

    • Rebecca

      I don’t think I could have said it better.Alex is so talented that he lures you into the vampires world.