Alexander Skarsgard Talks Nude Scenes, Fame and His New Movies

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Alexander Skarsgard‘s star is on the rise.  With the success of True Blood, the popularity of his character Eric Northman, and several films in the works, his hard work is starting to pay off.  He talked with Swedish magazine Aftonbladet about True Blood, his nude scenes, the pitfalls of fame and his upcoming projects.

After achieving fame in Sweden and being voted Sweden’s sexiest man 5 times, Alex began to find that he was only being offered the parts of the “hot guy”.  He relocated to the United States to find parts with more substance that would challenge him.  Landing the role of Brad Colbert in HBO‘s Generation Kill was exactly what he needed to really start his Hollywood career.  However, it is the role of Eric Northman on True Blood that has brought him the most success so far.  In Season 1 of the show his part was small and he was wearing a wig so he was still able to maintain some privacy in his life, but in Season 2 the popularity of his character really took off.  Now Alex is recognized everywhere and is being followed by the paparazzi.  While he moved from Sweden to escape his sex symbol status, he is now earning that same title in the United States.  Alex talked about how he is handling his newfound fame saying:

“It’s important for me to keep hanging out with the same people as before, going to the same restaurants, do what I love and not let the fame control my life. I’m not going to let someone else buy my milk just because I’m afraid of getting photographed. Hopefully this attitude will help me keep my sense”.

Alex does not understand what the big deal is with the nudity on True Blood.  As long as it makes sense for the storyline he sees nothing wrong with nude scenes.  With Season 3 of True Blood underway and a confirmed Season 4 of the show he says:

“It’s the writers who should be praised for keeping the series interesting and fresh. If the characters and their relationships aren’t growing, the show will not last.”

It is a busy time for Alex.  After wrapping Season 3 of True Blood he headed to Switzerland to film Lars Van Trier’s “Melancholia” with Kristen Dunst, Keifer Sutherland, and his father Stellan Skarsgard.  After that he will go to Hawaii to film “Battleship” before returning to film Season 4 of the hit show.  He is also slated to star in “The Elephant“, a Hans Petter Moland film in 2011.  “Melancholia” will be the first time Alex and his father have worked on a film together since he was 7 years old.  He says he is looking forward to working with his father and actually having the opportunity to see him.  With all of these projects on the go we can certainly expect to see a lot more of Alex in the near future!


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  • Sandy

    Agree on the issue of nudity – so what! Besides it’s not like Scandinavians are prudish. I’m sure they have plenty of prime time nudity on TV in Sweden. Most Euro countries are laissez-faire about nudity – it’s Americans that show their puritanical blood about nudity. LOL

    • LOL, Sandy! So true! *smh* I still don’t get the prudishness of a lot of people. We’re all born naked, are we not? ;D

      • Sandy

        Yep and it can be hard living in the “Bible Belt” as I do to be free of all the “fake outrage”. (Ms Jackson and a Superbowl come to mind)

  • Jaimie

    It was the same way with Ryan Kwanten and Anna Paquin in Season 1. It’s just hyped right now because it’s new for his character. After awhile it will become old news. There is a lot of focus on nudity in any of the interviews with the cast of the show.

  • Marleneemm

    Wonderful interview.
    the photo is just wonderful also~he looks well rested,happy.
    Can’t wait to see the films he’s working on.
    StrawDog’s is a film I really want to see.
    Thank you for the translation of the interview.

  • lizzie1701

    Here we go again – the nudity question, AGAIN!! It is getting as old as the “Eric is a 1000 year old Viking” in some posts. Can’t we have this finished with, as I am sure there is much more to Alex than not being frightened of nude scenes. Sorry for the rant.

    • Loleaf

      Lizzie I agree with you completely girl!! There is much more to him than how he feels about being naked. I so wish they would respect him as an actor instead of bombarding him with the same stupid questions over and over again!!!

    • jaxx

      Even I’m getting bored with the same question over and over again and I love this man. Let’s focus on his acting abilities and other good qualities. I like “naked” as much as the next person, but it’s almost getting insulting that this is all they have to talk to him about. I’d like to know more about his family and brothers in the business and I believe he has a sister, but you’d never know because they only talk about him being naked all the time. Please, let’s find out more about this amazing actor than just what’s under his clothes. 🙂