Alexander Skarsgard Talks about His Nude Scenes

June 18, 2010 by  

Alexander Skarsgard was the talk at the water cooler on Monday after HBO‘s explosive first episode of season three. Many people, myself included, were mesmerized with the scene where we got a great look of Alex from the behind. So what did Alex think of doing that scene? In a recent interview with, he said,

“I love the scene,” he smiled. “It’s a fun scene. I think it’s a good introduction to Eric in Season 3. I don’t really care about that stuff… there’s much more graphic stuff coming up later in the season. So that doesn’t really bother me. If it makes sense when I read it, I’m happy to throw my clothes off.”

He also lets the viewers in on a little bit of information as to why his character is so into Sookie Stakehouse, played by Anna Paquin. He states that he is trying to figure her out, and figure out what is so enchanting about her that really has him so intrigued.

Alex, we are happy with your scenes as well. So keep it coming…off.

The second episode of True Blood airs this Sunday on HBO.


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  • miles

    i think Alex is a great and respectable actor.. i’ve watch season 1,2 and 3 and still i can’t get enough… Alex your sexy and i really admire your talent in everything….. You have my heart….

  • Tenisha

    I have followed true blood from the start and i am a huge fan my favorite character out of everyone is Eric he’s so spectacular
    that i wanted to rewind his first appearance on the show, i love the way he stared at people and waved them away like they were nothing.
    since the first two seasons i have love everything about him i cant find the correct words to express my amazement of the cast in every jaw dropping episode but i truly love every minute i c taking a break is unspeakable till it ends i noticed that everyone has gotten so deep into character that i almost feel like i am there, all of the cast has advanced and truly brought their character to life that i am hoping for a season 5 of course i doubt after their wonderful performance’s and many movies soon to be playing that they will have the time to devote to another season but i hope it continues till the very end.

  • Antonio

    I suppose what I wanted to say was that Not all Americans think like that. I realize that this is a show about “Supes” and there is bound to be some adult content in that. The whole vampire mystique is sensual and sexy…So I would expect as much.
    This is a Phenominal Show! The writing and direction are great!
    Yes, the show can be graphic at times in its depictions but it is a Great show and it moves many deeply and provacatively.

  • jaxx

    Antoinio, the difference to me is Yvetta consented to what we saw and it was meant to be private, Sookie just happned to walk in on it. Eric wasn’t flaunting it in public.

  • JANE


  • lizzie

    I think I am just about done reading/hearing about how he is going to be nude or likes being nude.

    • Same here. Is Alex’s a unique attitude? Absolutely not. It’s just that Americans, for the most part, are amazingly Puritanical. From my experiences with people who aren’t American, it always seems to be that they shrug and reply to questions about nudity by saying that they have no problem with it, and “a body is a body is a body.”

      • Antonio

        I agree here for the most part. However, It is not so much the nudity but rather How it is portrayed that may be the thing.
        the objection is not with the body but rather in the coarse way it is put out. For example, If a person is just standing on a balcony or a beach at sunrise nude That is just a “character study” in art. However if there are 2 people nude and it depicts them in a sexual act then that is different.
        Its Not So much the nudity but what is done with it.
        As an American This is what many here would think. I know that in Other countries Particularly Europe and Oceania That they seem to be more liberal about this. Its all about perception i believe.

        • lizzie

          My point was this – just about every post I have opened has the caption that Alex talking about his nude scenes and how it does not bother him. Ok, We get it!

          Now, I would be a bit worried if all I had to offer, as an actor, was nude scenes and how I was comfortable with them. Sorry – there is other type of publicity out there for this great show.

          Won’t be opening up or responding to any more
          Alex/Eric nude talk – boring!

  • Stephanie Hasso

    yes please keep taking off your clothes Alex!!!

  • val

    Well I have a step-mom from Holland and Europeans tend to be SO much more open-minded than Americans. I have never been puritanical in any way because of her,and I’m grateful for it!@
    You go Alex and I,at least, will NEVER mind(of course it helps to have as great a body as you do!)

    • Antonio

      If I may offer a cursory explanation here…
      There is always a possibility of “Objectification” and Many do not feel comfortable with this. There are some who feel that nudity objectifies and demeans people and seeks to depict them as “mindless sex objects” As if they existed for the sole purpose of providing sexual favor. This is Why I think people like me may be uncomfortable with the idea sometimes. Its Not necessarily “puritanical” or overly “pious” Its just that These people Are Human Beings…Not playthings for 1 to use up and then toss aside when finished with it. This,I believe is a point of difference here. Bill would Never treat Sookie as Eric treated Yvetta. Nor would Sam have treated Tara Disrespectfully either. Again its Not So much the nudity its how its utilized and Who is using it for What purpose.
      Nudity,When tastefully or artisically executed,Can be beautiful,poignant even inspiring. Nudity,In of itself,is Not offensive~~We’re All born this way But sometimes in the course,graphic way its presented. This is Not to say that Other countries have No respect for humanity or sexuality But it simply means that Maybe We have a different perception of it.
      Thank You for allowing me to speak my mind