Alexander Skarsgard Talks About True Blood, Soccer, and the Swedish Marines

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Skarsgard Dishes to TV Guide:

Alexander Skarsgard, who plays viking vampire Eric Northman on True Blood, poses for a magazine photo shootFrom child actor to heart throb, Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) knows how to captivate an audience. Whether he’s portraying a transvestite, a football player, or a viking vampire, Skarsgard’s acting chops are pretty intense. He has prided himself on not being afraid to take on a role because it was too ugly, as well as not being that actor who continual plays the same types of characters over and over. And when the cameras aren’t rolling, Skarsgard has shown again and again what a down to earth, patient, and funny guy he really is. TV Guide caught up with the busy actor for one of their Cubicle Confessions.

In the Army Now:

In ‘Generation Kill’ Skargard played The Iceman, a calm and cool Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps. Perhaps the authenticity he brings to his role as real-life Sgt. Bradley Colbert comes in part from his stint in his homeland’s military, which he’s described as “mentally and physically very very tough.  I hated it.” However, Skarsgard has said that playing a real-life hero is what drove him to bring his A game to the set everyday. He was terrified when he got the role, mostly because he worried incessantly that he wouldn’t be able to pull off Colbert’s confidence, but also because of all the military lingo that went way over his head.

It’s definitely capricious making a painstakingly accurate drama about events so current the smoke is still rising from the barrel, but ‘Generation Kill’ was one of those short lived miniseries that really stuck with you even after you changed the channel. Sgt. Colbert gave Skarsgard his seal of approval, admitting that he thought the tough Swede did a great job portraying him on screen.

True Blood Goes Skarsgarding:

We know him and love him most as the dark and not always sinister vampire sheriff, Eric Northman. His role as the 1,000 year old vampire started off as a supporting role in seasons 1 and 2, and quickly launched into a more regular role in season 3. Creator and director Alan Ball thanks his lucky stars that he found Skarsgard, who brings a level of authenticity to the role that none of the others who auditioned (mostly models and professional wrestlers) were even touching on.  Skarsgard leaves the “tough guy” shtick out of the equation and goes more understated with his portrayal of the sexy vampire, which really makes him more menacing. The camera loves him, but it’s the show’s writers who have really launched Eric as one of the standout characters in the show:

“Our writers write as we shoot this…when we started season 2 they didn’t know exactly how this would end. They have kind of a vague idea but they’re always on set and they watch us work and they adapt to that.”

He Ain’t No Parsy!

Skargard’s biggest passion outside of acting? Football. The European kind. Whenever possible, Skarsgard indulges in his mostly doomed love for the Chicago Cubs of Stockholm football, Hammarby IF, which won its first title in 104 years in 2001. As much as he loves the team, he does admit it’s a curse being born a Hammarby fan since they’re “that bad,” but he’s always optimistic and thinking, “there’s always next year.”

Skarsgard spent the summer and fall filming ‘Battleship’ and earlier this month he went back to work as Sheriff of Area 5 in Shreveport, Louisiana. A couple of season 4 pics have been leaked, but nothing yet of our favorite Nordic vampire. We will, of course, keep all you Truebies up-to-date on any and all breaking season 4 news and spoilers!

Source: TV Guide – Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) Confesses all to TV Guide Magazine!

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