Alexander Skarsgard Talks About Vengeance – Eric’s

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It’s certainly evident this season on True Blood that vampire Eric Northman‘s “new arc is vengeance”.  That’s what Alexander Skarsgard proclaimed in an interview with Buzzy MultimediaEric now knows that the vampire king Russell Edgington murdered his family when Eric was human. It’s been 1,000 years and Eric has finally found Russell and must set up his vengeance-taking very carefully.

We learned how Eric lost his family in a flashback to his past. Alex said he really enjoys filming the flashback scenes. As a youthful, human Eric, he says he was more playful and naive.

“I love all those flashbacks.  They’re so much fun.  You have this plethora of opportunity with a guy like Eric, who’s been around for a thousand years; so hopefully, there will be more of those.”

Speaking of his flashbacks, Eric is Swedish, as is Alex, and besides his acting role on the show, Alexander is also used as a translator and instructor of the Swedish language to his cast-mates.

“The writers obviously don’t speak Swedish,” he explains, “so they write it in English and then I translate it and then I teach Kristin [Bauer van Straten, who plays Pam] or whoever needs to speak Swedish on the show. What I usually do is, I record it and send it to them, so they can listen to it on their iPods and practice it over and over again.”

When informed that Kristin had reported that she emulated her deadpan sarcasm from how he was playing Eric, Alex laughed and was truly surprised.  He hadn’t realized he was being a role model for anyone.

In discussing his other co-stars, Alexander revealed that Eric is annoyed that Sookie (Anna Paquin) is “risking her life for Bill [Stephen Moyer]”.  This is something he doesn’t understand, because to Eric, Bill is “not worth it”.

With his focus on vengeance, Eric has to really be careful.  With the new opportunity to avenge his family, “he needs to be smart about it and do it right and be very tactical about it, because it’s not easy, what he wants to do.”

And speaking of King Russell (played by Denis O’Hare), Alex said that he and Denis have teased each other about working with their fangs.  “I told him I slept with my fangs for a year, which was obviously a joke!”

With vengeance comes a lot of blood and violence.  Asked if he finds any of these gory scenes disturbing, Alex said,

“Not at all. I’m not very squeamish.  We’ve got some pretty graphic stuff this year – violent, sexual and bloody – it’s a lot going on, but I’m enjoying it all.”

And as True Blood fans, we’re enjoying watching it all.  Are we weird or what!


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