Alexander Skarsgard Talks About What He Wants In A Woman

October 26, 2009 by  

Eric-true-blood-7574142-433-612Let’s admit it True Blood fans, when we lay down our heads at night it is hard not to dream about that big, tall, Viking, of a vampire, Eric!  Ever wonder what it would take to be his kind of girl? Well, we found out! That’s right, Alexander Skarsgard who plays our handsome vampire, Eric, recently talked to People Magazine about what he looks for in a girl. The bottom line – Alex wants a girl with some brains and a great sense of humor.

“A sense of humor is number one for sure. Being funny and smart is very important.”

In his home country of Sweden, Alex is known as the sexiest man alive. The single, 33 year old owes a lot of that to the phenomenal show, True Blood. Alex is causing female fans everywhere to swoon!

“It’s very flattering. I turn a little pink!”

Alex explained to People some of the un usual encounters he has had with his female fans.

“I’ve gotten proposals and suggestions that are slightly inappropriate. It’s odd but very flattering!”

Right now Alex is looking forward to starting production on season 3 of True Blood next month and catching up with his fellow castmates, such as Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. Alex had this to say about the recently engaged couple:

“They are some of my best friends back in L.A.. The cast and the crew is amazing and I can’t wait to get started again. I really look forward to it and I miss them a lot.”

Well we miss seeing you Alex and can’t wait till you bring Eric back in season 3!

SOURCE:  People Magazine

Photo Credits:  HBO Inc.

  • Nia

    I wish you all the best Alex in your quest to find that right certain someone.
    I can well understand how difficult it can be in the world of celebrities to find true love. It is hard enough for us little people to find, I can only imagine the frustrations for you when you have so very little privacy.

    I do hope you find love as your good friends Stephen and Anna have. When you do, grab it, hold on tight, and never let it go.

  • miles hilario

    oh! Alex i want you to be happy to someone who will love and accept the real alexander skarsgard… I do love you!!!

  • NDF

    Ugh, what a safe and boring interview, reads like it was intended for a tween mag audience. Why not interview a sexy 33 y/o guy who’s in a sexy, adult show in a sexy and adult way.

  • sasa

    last week in NYC Gramercy Park Hotel AS escort ERW back to the hotel on Thursday night.he came over on Friday too.

    • jaxx

      sasa, went on and couldn’t find it. Someone else told me about it too.

      Could you provide the link???

      • Amy

        I read on perez that ERW and Alex are dating. I wonder if its true. ALexander Skarsgard is such a talented actor & protrays Eric so well. I really wish him all the best and hope the paps go easy on him. I cant wait till Season 3 and wonder whats in store for his character especially with Yvette. Hopefully shes signed on only for a few episodes.

    • sasa

      If ERW fly’s to Sweden
      justjared (#130)comment
      (10/27/2009 at 3:34 pm Don’t hate me, but….I work at Gramercy Park Hotel and I saw A escort E back to the hotel on Thursday night around 1am. She was staying here. He was still there when I left work on Friday morning. Heard he came over on Friday too, but I wasn’t working.
      Usually, people don’t talk because we see it all. But, I’m a True Blood fan, so… He’s much thinner in person, really tall of course, very cute, but gangly in a boyish way. She’s nice, kinda shy…she was staying at the hotel, he wasn’t, so, I only saw him that one night. Sorry, that’s all I got.)

  • TruEricFan

    I hope he does too. It has to suck being famous like that…you never REALLY know if that person is attracted to you because of some character you played! I mean, seriously, I didn’t start lusting after him as Meekus in Zoolander, there was a couple “ooh he’s good looking” moments in Generation Kill, but once he was Eric the Northman, Viking Vampire…well…we ALL know how much Eric is loved…and lusted after

    I just hope he finds a woman that sees Alexander Skarsgård, not Meekus, Sergeant Brad ‘Iceman’ Colbert, or Eric the Northman.

    • antonio

      That is nice of you to consider that point. It Really Must Suck when a person has become the “heartthrob” of So many! What do you do? where can you go? with whom can you be seen? How do you know when its Real? IF IT’S Real? Mr. Moyer is quite fortunate to find someone with whom He can share a life. As for Alex and Ryan it may prove quite a challenge! Rita Hayworth once said on making her very popular “with the guys” film Gilda
      “All the men were madly in love with Gilda,Problem Is None of them Wanted Rita!” I agree, To find true and lasting love 1 must accept some1 for Who They ARE and Not For What or Who they Portrayed on Stage,Film OR Tv! Michael Imperioli of the Sopranos said once in an interview that a fan once hurt his feelings~~Unintentionally,I’m sure by saying something like
      “Man, You’re Nothing like the Cool Guy you play on TV!”
      “I felt really bad about that” admitted Imperioli
      So It IS Hard for them to “keep it real” when so much of what they do is Not.
      Plus there is always the entertainment media “machine” waiting for them to make the slightest blunder or slip-up so that they can knock them down and take them apart!
      I’m glad that Mr. Moyer,Mr.Skarsgard and Mr.Kwanten live elsewhere as well! If they lived Here full time Our media machine would rip into them like a grizzly on a caribou! I’m glad that you can understand that trueericfan.

  • MarleneEmmett

    We only want the “best for you”~sure some of us wish that it
    would be one of us.But that’s for you to decide.

  • val

    Well it very well could be ERW!!

  • antonio

    There have been articles and blogs on what Most of these guys want or look for in a woman~~Assuming they want a Woman as opposed to a Gal. It would be nice to hear what some of the female cast members look for in a Man!

  • jaxx

    I really, really adore this man and I hope he finds what he’s looking for.