Alexander Skarsgård is Team Hammarby

October 6, 2010 by  

Alex Plays the Role of Cheerleader for Hammarby Team

We all knowAlexander Skarsgård is passionate just from his portrayal ofEric Northman on HBO’s True Blood. Recently spent some time in Stockholm, Sweden, using that passion to cheer on the Hammarby soccer team in their bout against Syrianska.

Although each of these videos is entirely in Swedish, he leaves no room for doubt about his love of this team!!

SOURCE: — Alexander Skarsgård drar igång Bajenklacken

  • Noelle

    I hope they won?

  • lizzie1701

    Good on Alex for having such a passion for something he loves!

  • jaxx

    It’s nice to see Alex in every day situations, just like the rest of us. Cheering on your favorite team. He’s such a great catch. The total package, imo. Nice, funny, team player, likes to have a good time. What else could you ask for???? 🙂

    • Yes, I agree. I’d love to see more videos of the cast doing such normal activities, but at the same time… They deserve their privacy, which is why we don’t use paparazzi photos, etc here on TBN. However, I love seeing our favorite cast doing the same things we do!

      Alex is a lot braver than I am, though. I’d never go to a game and take the lead in such a way to promote more cheering. I’d be scared to!