Alexander Skarsgard From True Blood Video Interview – Part 1

February 23, 2009 by  

alexnameAlexander Skarsgard From True Blood was interviewed by Rebecca Murray from at the 2009 Film Independent’s Spirit Awards held on Saturday, February 21, 2009. Alex discusses with her his role as the 1000 year old viking vampire, Eric Northman in the show and what we may expect for season 2. He states that the story will follow book 2 loosely and they will be going to Dallas. He says that he is enjoying playing the role of Eric and that it is great working with everyone on the set of True Blood and Alan Ball has a very laidback style which is great. He goes on to mention the additional sets to be added to True Blood are “really cool”. One of the questions that most of Alex’s fans want to hear is how does he feel about the huge fan base that has developed for him. Alex being quite humble states that he was not aware of the huge fan base and did not expect it coming into True Blood. Does he ever check online to see what people are saying about him? No, he says because if nine comments are positive and one is negative, it is that one that is going to stick with him. On a personal note, that is why True Blood fans should praise all the actors on the show for the superb work they do in providing fans such a tantalizing experience watching True Blood. To watch Part 1 of the video interview with Alexander Skarsgard click the image below to be taken to the link.