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alex1Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood conducted a video interview with when he recently attended a soccer match in Los Angeles to support his team. The interviewer saw Alexander Skarsgard at the match and asked him his opinion about the match and the team. Later on Alexander states that when he has a chance he tries to come back home as often as possible. The video recently had the “closed caption” added so you can click the arrow button to bring it up . We also provided the written translation of the interview as well.


I: In a small crowd we recognize a familiar face. Alexander Skarsgård, how are you?
A: I’m fine, thanks. How are you?
I: I’m fine. Apart from the weather. 1-1 against GAIS, do you care to comment on the match?
A: Ehm, it wasn’t the best one has seen, but what the hell, it’s February, and they are quite out of training, and it is in two months they have to look good. It’s just so cool to see the guys. You don’t get to do that so often when you live over here and I was so incredibly happy to see them. It was cool to see Monday and Igor too. I think they did well. I think they’ll be great in the future.
I: Who do you think was ”man of the match”?
A: I was a bit surprised about Igor. I think it’s awesome to come in new to the team, and then after the injury, he was injured just after signing for Bajen and.. I think he came in with force in the defense line. He’s a big, tough guy who really can make a difference and that’s definitely needed in the defense. Ehm yeah, I like him.
I: You have been away from Sweden for almost a year now. How did you manage to keep track on Bajen last season?
A: Ehm, well it’s easier now than a few years ago. Now you can watch the game streamed if you check on the internet. Five minutes after the game you can read everything about the match in the newspapers, web pages and on Bajen’s fan site and on Hammarby’s site. It’s so easy now. 6-7 years ago it was much trickier, but I follow them every day, I do that.
I: How does the next season look? You are fully booked, aren’t you?
A: To me, you mean? Ehm yes, I do work here now. It’s five months since I was home and it’ll probably be quite a while more before I have a chance to come home again. But as soon the season has started and I have a couple of days off, I’ll go home. Last season I managed to come home to the premiere and got to march from Medis to the Arena. If I have an opening, I’ll go home directly, of course.
I: Those who’ve seen you on the north stand know that you’re a Bajen, but not everyone does, how did you get included in the Bajen-family?
A: It was through a pal, he and his father always went to hockey matches in the middle of the eighties. Then I started joining them, and me and my pal started gathering pucks that went over the Plexiglas. The first year we didn’t watch too much hockey, but we would only gather pucks, but then it was more and more that one watched the hockey. And then one checked out the guys in the stands and thought it was a cool atmosphere. And suddenly you stood there yourself. It was in the end of the eighties that I started going a lot.
I: It started with hockey, that was a bit unusual?
A: Yes, actually. It was definitely like that. I didn’t start going to football, really, around 92-93 that I started going a lot to football games. But before that, it was definitely hockey that brought me in. That woke up my interest around Hammarby so to say. I still think it’s f***ing cool. I’m ass happy about the whole Bajen fans thing, that they have started it again and in the fourth level (sports division). I look very much forward to come home and check out the games.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)

  • vane

    lo amo!!!!!!!!!! no entendi ni pico de lo que dijo pero es que este vampiro me chifla!!!! hermoso!!!XD I love him!!!! thank you for put this interview!!!! sorry for my english XD but he is so beautiful and sexy!!!!

    Saludos desde Chile XD

  • Evelyn

    correction: this was SOCCER played in LOS ANGELES, not hockey in sweden. his team hammarby/bajen was pre-season, on tour in america, so he went to see them. he also took them out on the town to a club in LA, but that was kept secret….lol.

    • Thank you very much for correcting us! We appreciate it and made the correction to the article. I have to admit with him wearing that jacket and toque it looked like he was in a hockey arena in Sweden not L.A. LOL. Thank you once again and my apologies.