Alexander Skarsgard: Vampire Biting to Lady Gaga’s Crazed Boyfriend

March 20, 2010 by  

In an interview with Bizarre Magazine, Alex related that he signed up to play vampire sheriff Eric Northman on HBO’s hit series True Blook with his fingers crossed.  As with his co-stars, he wanted the TV show, based on Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Series books, to be a success.

Admitting he’s always thought of vampires as sexy creatures, Alex said,

“There’s the attraction, but at the same time you know a vampire is an animal who’d kill you in a second. People are fascinated by the knowledge and the experience and the wisdom. You can only imagine what someone who has been around for 1,000 years has seen.”

In Season 1, Eric wore a blonde wig and believed it caused him not to get recognized much.  But he was voted Sweden’s sexiest man five times and that landed him the role of Lady Gaga’s boyfriend in her “Paparazzi” music video. No biting in this bit, but it called for wild sex and pushing Gaga off the balcony of a large home.

At first Alex was reluctant to take the video role.

“When I got the call asking if I wanted to play Lady Gaga’s boyfriend, I said if it was walking down a beach holding hands I wasn’t interested.  But when Jonas told me that I’d try to kill her, I thought it sounded fun.”

Friend Jonas Akerlund directed the video and Alexander had praise for Lady Gaga, referring to her as intelligent, smart and hard-working.

Residing in both Los Angeles and Sweden, going home to Sweden keeps him grounded.  Even for just a few days, Alexander finds it refreshing to hang with his old friends with normal jobs.  “It gives me a different perspective after the craziness of Los Angeles.  L.A. is fun, but it’s not real.”

From his very early taste of stardom in Sweden at age 13, which scared him into retiring from acting, Alex is being careful not to get engulfed into the ‘showbiz craziness’ now, while staying busy with many roles in such films as Zoolander, Generation Kill, Kill Your Darlings and a remake of Straw Dogs.

And True Blood fans are looking forward to seeing what, if anything, will happen between vampire club (Fangtasia) owner Eric and mortal Sookie Stackhouse.  Alex says of his character:

“A lot of people come up to me and say, ‘You’re the bad guy’, but I have to defend Eric – there’s so much more to the character than that. He’s not the villain or the bad guy, there’s more to the character than the antagonist.”

True Blood fans can’t wait till season 3 returns June 13th to see what is in store for our vampire sheriff and what type of type he will be involved in..


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