Alexander Skarsgard Video Interview From Comic-con

August 1, 2009 by  

alexander_skarsgard_true_blood_comic_con_videoET had the opportunity to speak with Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) as he attended the San Diego Comic-con with the rest of the cast of Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood.  Alexander mentions in the video interview that he had just arrived back to the U.S. from Sweden and was amazed at the attention that True Blood was receiving at Comic-con.


  • anbiesca

    ok some may say that i am a little young to be watching true blood because iam 13 but all i can say is that those ppl obviously dont understand how addictive it is it better then twilight way better. and i do agree with amy us fans should get a trip to would be really cool to see how the actors really get along behind the camera. and even though iam am a little young i would still love to meet the cast thats if i dont faint as soon as i see them and miss my chance cause that would suck.

  • Amy

    OMG…I totally love this show..I don’t like VAmpire movies but I LOVE True-blood. My husband And I can be out somewhere and we both say time to go home its True-Blood night.I love Bill and Eric is so cute.While Sukie plays the sweet, but can be a bitch when provoked It makes her even more sexy. And then JAson is just like the little brother strange, pertective but sexy as all.. I just absolutely love the show.And thanks for making each show more and more intregeing I hope that the books are as great as the show..I have never been one to read novels but I sure will tell you now I’m buying the book’s! I cant wait until the next Sunday to find out if there all going to be ok or not! LOL but I will also tell you I’m the biggest fan I promise! I would love to meet the cast of the show! Please make it possible for the fans to win a trip to taping Thanks again,
    Your biggest fan,
    Amy Carroll

  • Chrissie

    He’s so sweet. I’ve totally got a crush on Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Options

    He’s so freakin swexyy!