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Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood was interviewed by Swedish Television in Los Angeles and discussed his experience on Generation Kill and True Blood. This video interview is in Swedish but I have translated it from Swedish to English and you will find the translation below the video.

Narrator: Alexander Skarsgård has received a lot of attention recently because he currently has two major American TV series. He lives and works is in Hollywood, but life in Hollywood is not always ultra-glamorous and not as easy as it sounds. Life, like for all people, is filled with shades of grey. He told all this to our reporter Charlotte Lundgren, who was visiting him in LA.

A: In terms of size, Stockholm is a fly s**t compared to LA, or really it’s not a real city, it’s a large suburb. There aren’t even any real pavement! It’s just not possible.   Where I live you can’t just walk and grab a coffee, you must take a car. Back home in Stockholm, I live like one block from all my friends, so it’s pretty easy to just, no matter how tired and exhausted you are, you can wobble over to each other and sit and just hang out. You don’t even have to talk, just like sit there. But I like that type of socializing sometimes any way and we can indeed.  {Audio feed too garbled to translate}

A: Damn, there’s a lot of flies (Flap arm).

I: It’s very hot, should we be going down? There are also a lot of tourists.

A: Ah.

I: Yes, let’s do that, let’s go down.

I: How much horsing around have you got to do, like, to get these roles?

A: I had to sleep with some producers (laughter). It’s that simple (laughter).

Narrator: Even if that thing actually occurs in the Hollywood, Alexander didn’t have to take such drastic measures to get a lead role. It was enough to screen test.  And the day we met him in Hollywood, the HBO mini-series Generation Kill (which is about some soldiers in Iraq) had premiered.

(Some taglines from Generation Kill)

Narrator: So a couple of months later, Alexander had become celebrated for his role as Sergeant Brad Colbert in the series. And many believe that it will be an international breakthrough for him. But it has taken some “dog” years (refers to the movie “Hundtricket” (The dog trick) for him to get there:

A: Before, I had to read through a number of really bad scripts. You just simply have an agent and a manager who will send manuscripts to you. They say: “Read this.” And if you like it, you go and meet the director and do auditions and like that. You know, you get a script and read it and ah, you sit down and study a few scenes and then you come back the next day.. And then.. You will get in a kind of place like a waiting room, and there are like 20 guys there that are.. That look like you, are as old as you, and they all sit and read them [the scripts] there, mumble lines that you will also sit down and study. Then, they call you in. It is this little conveyor belt where, one by one, and it puts someone like this unqualified casting director to read against you. Then you’ll go and wait for about a week to hear if they liked it or not and then you get a new script, and so you should run on that and.. It’s.. That’s just life if you are here and looking for a job.

alexpremiere-albertlortegaprphotos(Some taglines from Generation Kill)

A: I knew it the first time I came here, I knew that.. It’ll not be like, you come in and it’s like three guys who are up for a role, but then one can come in and there’s like three hundred guys who are up for the same role and will fight for it. Clearly it’s like that here, the motivation has gone up and down and sometimes it feel, just on the go.. In periods when there.. It just.. You know, an agent sends like this, s**t bad horror films, for you and just like this.. To send and study bad scenes in a project that you don’t even want to be involved in. And then you should go and.. Ah.. pretend to be killed by a chainsaw guy. Ehm, it’s not always that motivating you know.

Narrator: There are not a lot chainsaw guys, but there are more vampires in the second TV series that Alexander is in right now. It’s the man behind the movie American Beauty (1999) and the TV series Six Feet Under (2001), Alan Ball, who wanted Alexander for the role of the ancient Viking vampire.

I: I can imagine that it takes a lot to dare to come here, is it not so?

A: No, but I think it takes more to dare to stay. I think that many dare to come here but they’ll go home again quite quickly. Eh, it takes quite a lot to.. To.. Eh.. After the first shock.. Well, you know.. Lower your head and continue to go on. Right now I have it incredibly f***ing good, I cannot complain. I have one TV series that has premiered tonight and I have another TV series that I’m working on and I think.. I am proud of both. In addition, I try to enjoy every second of it. Because you never know how long it will continue.

I: No (laughter).

A: Is he saying as a Swede (laughter).

I: (Laughter)

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  • A special thank you to Angelica our Swedish writer for providing the translation for this video interview.

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