Alexander Skarsgard Video Interview Translation – Part 2

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Alexander SkarsgardAlexander Skarsgard of True Blood was interviewed by TV4’s morning show “Nyhetsmorgon” and discussed his experience on Generation Kill and True Blood. This video interview is in Swedish but it has been translated from Swedish to English and you will find the translation below the video.

Everyone has been wondering if there is an English translation for this video, well we finally got the video translated. Here is part 2

This is for all you Alexander Skarsgard/Eric Northman fans!

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Host 1: Is there anything particularly good about this show, in your opinion?

Alexander: What I like about the show, and what I think is the problem with a lot of the movies that have been based on the war in Iraq, is that they in a way have been too political, that it is the democrats in Hollywood who are making the movie and the American public watch the movie and feel like they are being filled with propaganda in a way that is hard for the public to take in, and that’s why there has been such a big debate in the US about why all these projects flopped. What appealed to me in the book is that it tells their story and you get to see what they are going through over there; it’s more about them as individuals. Hopefully you get a wider perspective, as I said before, watching the news you have no idea what’s going on, not only as a Swede, but the American public, have no idea what those men and women are going through. And it’s also a macho culture so when these marine soldiers come back home it’s like you should only brush the dust off and that’s it, after that you go along like John Wayne, and it’s not really OK to talk about how you are feeling and start going to a psychologist.
But I think that when you see the show you’ll understand what these men will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Host 1: New York Times, among others, have honored you, along with different media around the world, one reason for that is because it’s so authentic, it feels close and real.
You live in the US now, what about Sweden?

Alexander: Well, I’m here now (laughter).

Host 1: But is it in the US your future career lies?

Alexander: Uhrm, … I want to work in Europe as well, and I enjoy working in Sweden. The reason I went there in the first place was that there were more possibilities for me over there, and I ended up in a situation where I got offered fun jobs, I was lucky enough to get an agent in the US who was interested in me in a different way from back home, so of course I left for that. I will return home in case if any interesting projects come up. As an actor the ideal is to have a situation where you have 15 manuscripts on your bedside table instead of two so that you can choose the ones that you feel passionate about and what you really want to do.

Host 2: What has Generation Kill meant to you compared with all other films you’ve done so far?

Alexander: Emotional or career related?

Host 2: Career.

Alexander: Oh, it doesn’t compare. I used to brag that I was in “The Dog Trick” (Hundtricket 2002), but that doesn’t really work nowadays.

Host 2: Is this the big take off for you?

Alexander: Yeah, absolutely, I can’t compare it with anything else I’ve done, not only in terms of numbers, but it’s a different quality.

Host 1: The show is finished in the US; we here in Sweden have not seen it yet. You also mentioned something about a comedy that you have now finished, a production about the North Pole, and next time you are taking on a horror movie called The Boeist..? Is that correct?

Alexander: No I’m not in that one.

Host 1: No? Haha, Wonderful then we can deny that.

Alexander: I got offered a part in that horror movie two years ago, but I said no.

Host 1: What would you like to do next, what are you aiming for now?

Alexander: Uhm… Nothing special, I’ve not got one specific project right now that I’d like to do. What was so amazing after Generation Kill was to do this thousand year old vampire Viking, he is so far from Iceman’s character, and that is something that gives me a huge energy boost and it is fun to do something that makes me a little nervous and that is brand new and a character that I have to get to know and explore, it’s quite far from what I’ve done so far. And after playing this long haired vampire Viking for four months it would make me happy to play something different from that.

Host 1: With or without long hair, thank you for being with us here in the studio today

Alexander: Thank you.

This is the end of the translation for video two.

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Alexander Skarsgard Video Interview Translation – Part 2

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