Alexander Skarsgard’s Latest Interview in Poland

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Alexander Skarsgard talked to a group in Poland for almost thirty minutes where he answered lots of questions about his personal life before, during, and in between True Blood. Alex was very calm and joked around during this interview. It’s so great to see him as he really is, very laid back, humble, and sweet.

Alexander vs. Eric

One of the first questions Alex was asked was what actor inspires him as an individual. Alex explained that he’s been asked that question many times, and while he has responded with Gary Oldman in the past, he is inspired by so many actors that it is hard to narrow it down to just one.

Alex also said that while he has directed before and really enjoyed it, he has not yet talked about directing an episode of True Blood. Continuing the True Blood theme, he stated that he doesn’t believe that Eric is truly evil or a villain. He also stated that he has had to defend Eric many times and that the character is very misunderstood. During the last couple of seasons of True Blood, viewers have been able to see many parts of Eric that weren’t there in Season 1.

One of the reasons Alex was turned on to playing Eric Northman was hearing that Alan Ball was heading the project and being a fan of his work. Nowadays, he is very close to his True Blood family and cannot choose anyone in the cast as his favorite costar. Alex has said before that they are very much his family and picking one favorite would be like “picking one of your favorite siblings.”

Dealing with the Stardom

It is known that previously, Alex took a break from acting because of the rising pressure of his growing popularity. One of the questions was how is he coping with this now? Alex says that being older has helped with the pressure. In the past, his fame made him insecure and nervous, but now he’s realized that the fame means that both he and True Blood are doing well. Alex says that while he has a lot of female attention lately, his manager has “kept him safe.” He also commented that his fans have been really great, though being followed by the paparazzi is a much larger downside than any “crazy” fans. However, Alex understands that while being followed by paparazzi is one of the downsides of fame, the rewards of dealing with the press are much greater than the pitfalls.

The Future

Alex says that True Blood will begin filming the new season in the not-too-distant future, and he is really excited for what is to come. He confessed that he really doesn’t know what is going to happen yet and that he tries to stay away from that during the break. However, Alex also talked about his work in the action movie Battleship, which has two major filming locations: Hawaii and Louisiana. Alex is very busy until next summer with the upcoming filming of Season 4 of True Blood.


Alex’s comment on nudity was this:

“…The whole nudity issue is so taboo in the states, and I don’t really get it. It’s like they don’t care if their kids are watching or playing these video games like  Grand Theft Auto, where kids are shooting a lady in the head, they don’t care about that, but if someone shows a butt on T.V. they freak out…A nipple is worse than robbing a bank or shooting someone in the head.”

Alex gave a phenomenal interview and the panel of questions encompassed a huge area but were very great. Click below to watch the videos and see first hand. Watch and enjoy!

Source: – Alexander Skarsgard Gives True Blood Press Conference in New Clip

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