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Alexander SkarsgårdDuring a break in Sweden to visit family and friends, True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman) took time to do an extensive interview with Swedish Radio P3 Popular.  In addition to raving about the love he feels for his mother’s pork-pancakes, he answered questions on a variety of topics including voicing for the animated film Metropia, handling fame, his acting career, his take on his Viking vampire alter-ego, and being anti-glam in Hollywood.

At the age of 13, he had a hard time handling all the attention that was thrown his way and stayed away from acting for seven years in order to live a more quiet and ordinary life.  Now that he’s back into acting again, he’s gained some perspective.

“I just decided that I should feel it was something positive instead. And if someone approaches me for an autograph or is some girl in Kentucky orders a scarf from Hammarby and sends it to me in Los Angeles…That is something beautiful and something flattering. I mean that she puts so much time and effort on getting me… a gift is something I should feel great about instead of feeling paranoid and that it’s something negative. I simply learned to feel that it’s great that I can reach out and affect people enough.”

One way he deals with fame is to avoid paying attention to it.  He doesn’t read reviews or think too much about what the audience will say, and he avoids watching dailies during shooting.  He also doesn’t read blogs or websites about himself:

“I think if I did that would drive me crazy. One scenario is that I’ll read something negative and that will make me paranoid if like it’s about my acting or how I play a character and it will affect how I do my work. And the other scenario is that I’ll read too much praise and good stuff about me which will lead to my ego exploding. So I don’t think anything good would come out of me reading them. I think it’s good for me to stay far away from them. But, of course, I notice that the Series [True Blood] is doing well. No doubt about that.”

Another way he handles the fame that has begun swirling around him is by returning to Sweden whenever he can to spend time with his family and friends:

I come back home and I have no flat. I stay with my Mom in her computer room. I hang with my childhood friends. We just hang at Söder and have a beer or two… Really, nothing about that has changed! My everyday life in Sweden when I come home is just the same. But, of course, it’s more intense now that I’m here compared to when I was living here. Now for instance I get a week here and then probably won’t get back in 8 or 10 months so of course it’s more hectic to get time to meet with everyone I want to see.”

He also notes:

“I really love the life I had here in Stockholm at Söder before I left for USA and it means very much to me to come back to that and back to my childhood friends who couldn’t care less about what I do. I mean, of course they support me and think it’s great that things are going well but none of them are in acting. My best friends are like carpenters and insurance brokers…They they… well it’s healthy for me to come home to them and just be me and sit down with them over a beer and talk about other things than Paris Hilton.”

The rest of this extensive and fascinating interview has been translated into English by our friends at AlexanderSkarsgå, and you can listen to the interview in Swedish there as well.

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