Alfre Woodard Joins the Cast of True Blood

June 27, 2010 by  

True Blood fans welcomed Alfre Woodard to the show last Sunday on the latest episode of True Blood. Alfre Woodard is playing Lafayette Reynolds‘ mother, Ruby Jean Reynolds. Woodard is a four time Emmy Award winner and viewers may recognize her from most recently Desperate Housewives, but she has played in many movies and TV shows for over 20 years. Alfre says that even though many of her family members were fans of the show True Blood she was never addicted to show or even that interested in vampires. It wasn’t until a conversation with her show son, Nelsan Ellis, who convinced her to “play his momma”, and then Alan Ball sweetened the deal by agreeing to write a couple more scenes, so Alfre decided to join. She is now a self admitted True Blood fan.

“I’m not a huge presence, but Lafayette is such a huge character, and I love him,”

There are four episodes that have been written thus far which include Ruby Jean, but she does say that she is open to come back for next season.

“What I’ll do is whenever I can I’ll drop in on them,” she promised.

We are glad to see such a talented actress join the cast of True Blood.

Can’t wait to get bitten again? Watch episode 3 of season 3 on Sunday, June 27 on HBO.


Photo credit: HBO Inc.