All in All It’s Just Another Brick in the Wall

November 13, 2008 by  

Stephen Moyer at Brentwood Theater

Stephen Moyer at Brentwood Theater

Want to say thank you to Stephen Moyer for his work over the years and especially as Bill Compton in True Blood?  Here is your chance.  Stephen has been involved in the rebuilding of a theater in his hometown where he had the chance to hone his acting skills.  Today, November 12th, 2008, a letter was sent out from the theater via Stephen Moyer Online

There are a lot of ways to donate, here are some excerpts from the letter that SMO sent out:


An opportunity to help complete backstage facilities at Brentwood Theatre and receive a certificate signed by your favorite vampire, Stephen Moyer!

For details on the renovation go to the Brentwood Theater site.  This limited opportunity supporting the final phase of construction gets each £25 minimum donation a signed certificate [by Stephen Moyer!] as commemorative thank you!


*Buy-A-Brick Scheme: £50 (appx USD $80) or more – Donors at this level will be able to name a Brick for the theatre’s donor wall and receive a certificate signed by patron Stephen Moyer.   One or two lines (16 total spaces/letters per line)
*Certificates: Donors at the £25 to £49 (appx $40 to $78) level will receive a certificate signed by patron Stephen Moyer.
*Friends:  Donors with a minimum of £20 (or $32) and up will receive an honorary membership card in the Friends of Brentwood Theatre good for one year.
*General Contributions from £5 to £19 (appx US$8 to $30) are truly welcomed, since all amounts add up in reaching our goal!

It’s really easy to do.  If you need more information contact: