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The Man Behind Godric Will Rise in Other Films

Though Godric died in Season 2, True Blood fans can’t seem to let him go. As a result, his ghost follows Eric Northman around through much of the 3rd season, while giving good advice to the Nordic vampire. The 20 year old Danish actor, Allan Hyde, recently did an interview with Danish Bazaar where he discussed what he thought about playing the oldest vampire on the HBO hit series, as well as his views on Hollywood and some great fun facts fans may not have been privy to.

The young actor from Valby was on his way to finishing up his high school education when his agent insisted he move to the U.S. He dropped out of St. Anna High School and landed the monster role of Godric on True Blood.

When asked about his new found fame and the perks of being on such a great set he noted,

“I just thought ‘man, what is it that I have gotten myself in!?…It was so great, there were assistants everywhere. I just touched my stomach and there was immediately a person standing next to me who offered me something to eat. I stood up, and they quickly came over with a chair”

The role not only granted Allan access to assistants, but to a whole new world of fans. Allan is simply appreciating the love and support fans have for him. As soon as he appeared on True Blood, his friends request on Facebook jumped to 3,000 people within three days.

Although, Godric died on the show, he has been resurrected through flashbacks. Though he may not be a staple on the HBO series, Allan is still living in LA and has been cast in the upcoming major films: The Hobbit and Pirates of the Caribbean 4. He noted,

“It’s absurd. I thought I at least would be going to acting school to do what I do, but now I get to do it,although I do not have training.”

While Allan is extremely thrilled with his budding acting career, he does miss Denmark and Danish women. He mentioned:

“LA is filled with prom queens who want to be actresses.There are so many superficial and incredibly fake girls, they all look alike – they have just been given a Hollywood makeover. You learn that you rarely get to know people. It’s all superficial. Danish women are much stronger, more available and down to earth. They don’t just have fancy drinks. They may also drink a beer…When you come home and see happy, natural women bike around everywhere, is hard to understand why there is so much hype over Hollywood. Danish women are so incredibly beautiful and honest. They are genuine, and also look real. They do not have that plastic shell, which everyone in Hollywood has.They have character.”

Aside from loving Danish women, there is a lot to the actor American fans may not know. For example, he voiced all of Ron Weasley’s parts in the Harry Potter movies. Since living in LA, he’s kept his diet as clean and natural as possible, eating up to six meals a day. Though he’s tired of Facebook, he admits it’s the best way to keep in touch with his friends and family back home. He has two iPhones, one Danish and one American. He’s never tried drugs and doesn’t see a need to try them. Finally, he would love to wear a pair of red speedos; for him, you’re not really a man if you can’t wear one and walk around comfortable with who you are.

There is no doubt the Allan is strong and has a very focused nature. Fans adore his portrayal of Godric and are anticipitating great things from this young actor. It’s obvious that, although he is only 20, he is smart and hard working.

Source: — Danish Bazar Magazine Interview

(Photo Credit: Danish Bazaar)