Allen Hyde Talks True Blood

July 22, 2010 by  

Allen Hyde is making more movies overseas in record time. Allen Hyde first appeared in True Blood as Godric, during season 2, and viewers have been able to see him also in Eric Northman’s flash backs during Season 3. Many viewers fell in love with his boyish face and manly body, who was sorrowful for the bad doings of vampires.

“He has realized that his deeds as a vampire have not been good. The murders and rapes he committed cannot be excused. He has had a revelation. I have also been involved with bullying in my youth. Of course it was not as serious as that, but the feeling is the same.”

He recently was interviewed by a Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. He talks about his new movie in Norway titled “Exterior“. The film is making headlines because it was recorded in just one week. The film involves artist Marie Kristiansen and director Patrik Syversen. It should be in theaters next year. Allen says that one of the reasons he did the film was due to Gitte Witt, who plays one of the female leads in “Exterior“.  She plays one of his friends and the dialogue easily came together because they were able to act much like they do in real life. He found out that people from the same country and similar backgrounds try to stick together.  He does talk about his time on True Blood,

“It is exciting to work in these kinds of huge productions. As an actor you can find out quickly that it requires something else from you when it’s all about effects rather than dialogue. It is difficult to discuss character development – you should only do what you’re told because they know what they are doing and will make sense in the finished product.”

we are excited for Allen Hyde and wish him much success in all of his future endeavors!  Make sure to tune in to True Blood this Sunday on HBO to find out will will happening next!


Photo credit: HBO Inc.