Anna Paquin’s 10 Questions with TIME

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Recently sat down with True Blood‘s Anna Paquin and asked her a series of questions that were sent in by fans to the website.  Questions ranged from her personal experience working both in film and television to her working relationship with her fiancé and co-star Stephen Moyer on the set of True Blood.

As Anna explained in the interview the fascination with vampires and the whole genre is perhaps due to the image that vampires are sexy and dangerous. As for if True Blood would have been as successful if it had been set in a cosmopolitan setting Anna states that:

“I don’t know if it necessarily has to be the South, but I feel like the small-town ruralness of it is quite important to the story. It isolates the people from bigger, scarier things than vampires and werewolves. As far as a storytelling device, it works well because there’s a reason why all these characters happen to know each other. They’ve all grown up together.”

Does she feel that there is a difference between working on films and working on television?  She states that she enjoys working in both mediums but in the case of working on True Blood the distinction seems blurred because “The way HBO shoots — the way the stories are structured and the attention to detail — is like in film.”

As for questions that pertained more to her personal life, Anna was willing to share some details such as there is no downside to working with Stephen.  As one reader asked:

“I know people usually ask what the perks are of working alongside your fiancé Stephen Moyer. But what do you like least about working with him? Anna‘s response:  [Laughs.] There’s nothing I don’t like about it. So I guess that’s the answer.”

On a more serious note, how does she feel about all the extra attention she is receiving lately from the paparazzi who seem to follow her everywhere?  Anna takes it in stride knowing that it is the environment of the entertainment industry, but is quick to point out “I think there’s probably more interesting things to do with your time than watch me walk my dogs. But hey, whatever floats your boat.”

Below is a video clip of Anna‘s interview with TIME.

To read the complete list of questions posed to Anna click the link here.


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