Anna Paquin and Dawn Olivieri in Maxim

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Anna Paquin and Dawn Olivieri made Maxim’s 2010 Hot 100 list. Both of these gorgeous ladies play in HBO’s True Blood. Anna Paquin, number 84, plays Sookie Stakehouse, who is a telepathic waitress in a small town in Louisiana where the world has just been introduced to vampires.  You may also know her from many other movies like Amistad, Almost Famous, Finding Forrester, The Squid and the Whale, and the X-Men trilogy, since Anna began her fruitful career at the age of 11.  In one of her interviews where she was asked about her character Sookie’s very physically spectacular body, Anna replied,

“For one thing, I have an incredibly good bra. They don’t give me a lot of clothes, but the ones they do are all designed to push, lift, accentuate. The if-you’ve-got-it-flaunt-it method of costuming. Our costume designers are very talented at that. You don’t see much besides the short shorts and waitress T-shirt in the first two episodes, but there are some dresses they’ve built for me that are architecture. No disrespect to my God-given assets, which are quite modest, but they can make a lot out of not so much. It’s hilarious. I’m walking around with what some woman would pay a lot of money to have done to her body. I’m all tan and blond and look nothing like myself, so why not be half-naked with my boobies around my chin?”

I couldn’t have said it better.

Next on the list is Dawn Olivieri, who is number 71, who will play Janice Herveaux in the upcoming season three of True Blood. Dawn is known for her appearances in Heroes, Cold Case, Knight Rider, and Stargate Atlantis. She will soon be starring in Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Congrats to both woman on being so hot!


(Photo credit: HBO, Inc.)

  • i just want to say i am hooked on this show,,from the very beginning, omg its sooooo good,,, plus i am such a vampire lover and people say im weird but thats ok too,
    a great cast noone could take any of your places, bill, sookie,
    eric, jason, jessica, lafeyete, tara, hoyt,,,,, and sam, and all the rest of the players, mmmmmmmmmmmmm I LOVE VAMPIRES! oh i cant wait untill june 13th ,,,, ty for finally comming out with a good vampire show,,,, nanda

  • jaya

    lol anna has a wicked, straight up and down to earth sense of humour…
    stephen and herself would be wicked company i think!!
    Congrats 2 both anna and dawn

  • lizzie

    Thanks Karla, Though both girls look gorgeous, Anna has that unusual type of beauty and when she is done up, she is absolutely stunning! Lucky Stephen!