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anna_paquin_sookie125kh3fvo7ejfk0840c040ck0g6ylu316ao18eg404k0ok48wkwthWith Season two of True Blood set to begin airing on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, Anna Paquin is featured in the latest addition of British Elle Magazine about how her life has changed since the show.

Anna strongly wanted the role of Sookie, despite the physical makeover she would have to undergo, and the people she would have to convince that she was Sookie.

“I said, ‘I can be blonde and tan. I can do that.’ … I pursued this part heavily. Life’s too short. If you want something, stick your neck out and say, ‘I want it. I really want it. Tell me what to do and I’ll learn how to do it. I might not be exactly the right person right now. But I’ll learn.’ “

So Anna completely transformed her appearance, such that during filming of the series she has a lady coming to her house once a week to give her a spray-tan, and she has to visit the salon every 10 days to touch up her very dark roots and maintain Sookie’s blonde hair.

That seems like a lot of work to do for a character, but Anna doesn’t seem to mind. Two years later, True Blood has become a great television success–not just for HBO, who hasn’t seen a popular following like this since The Sopranos and Sex and the City, but also for America as a whole, with the True Blood craze spreading across the world.

Vampires are clearly in the culture right now, but True Blood stands out among the rest for the stories it tells about society amidst all the blood and supernatural things:

“The vampires represent the fear of the unknown, the judgment of lifestyles that are foreign to you and that seem barbaric or uncivilized. And the obsessive hatred that people feel towards a lot of things they don’t understand. It’s interesting watching these dynamics that feel very authentic to the world we live in, but playing out in this otherworldly aspect of vampires.”

Whatever it is that makes True Blood so addictive, millions of people have been drawn in by it. Anna was more prepared for the excited “fangbangers” she encounters because of her role as Rogue in the X-Men trilogy, and the adoring comic-book geeks that followed:

“It was all kind of overwhelming when I was 17 and X-Men came out. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into as far as genre fans go. But at this point, I find it really endearing. I knew what I was getting into this time.”

In addition to all the love for True Blood, Anna recently became engaged to her costar Stephen Moyer, and discusses how her work life and personal life merged so that she actually gets to spend time with the man she loves:

“What makes relationships so difficult with my job is all the traveling and being away from your significant other. Eventually it gets too hard to maintain. My job’s always been my life, you know, but the older you get, the less you want it to be your whole life. It’s great to have the freedom to enjoy your work and not feel like you’re leaving your other life behind. It’s a pretty sweet set up.”

Since she and Stephen have been together, they split their time between London and Los Angeles.

“I’m fully transforming into the California babe. But I still don’t drive. I rode my bike here. It’s becoming less socially acceptable for me not to have a driver’s license. The drop-dead cutoff is 30. If I’m not driving by then, I have to start lying about it.”

In real life, Anna likes to wear casual beach clothes, or designers like Narciso Rodriguez and Dolce & Gabbana when she is dressing up. Of course, when she is at work, her Sookie wardrobe is a little more revealing!

“Like any woman whose job involves skimpy outfits and being naked all the time, I tend to exercise more now. But the costume designers were amazing–so loving in the way they took all of our clothes away from us.”

Life has clearly been very good to Anna. Sure, she has to put in a lot of effort to look like Sookie all the time. But she finds herself doing a job she truly enjoys. She can take pride in the tremendous success of her work. And none of it is at the expense of a happy relationship with a great man.

SOURCE: UK Elle Magazine

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