Anna Paquin from True Blood gives out the lowdown at Comic Con 2013.

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Sookie tells it like it is in Season 6 of True Blood:

Comic Con 2013 Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse in True Blood Season 6)Access Hollywood was on site at Comic Con 2013 to talk with the stars of the shows. HBO’s True Blood, is always a favourite though and this conversationw with Anna Paquin, one of the original cast who has been in all of the 6 seasons, was quite enlightening!

First questions is usually about the baby body, and how did she get back her figure?!

“Its been an intense year, and I’m very naked on our show, so I had babies over the hiatus so that’s why I don’t look like I had babies over Hiatus.” Anna shrugs.

Anna gets naked alot with the new co-star Rob Kazinsky

“It’s always fun getting new blood, pardon the pun. He’s really wonderful … it’s always fun to have new people to play with.”

Did you have to coach Rob through the nude scenes, because he’s naked a lot!

“Nah, it’s like ripping a band aid off… usually someone in the first week gets their clothes taken away from them and it’s like, welcome to True Blood!

In Season 6 we are seeing a bit of a return to old school True Blood, don’t you think?

“The show has grown and changed and gone from sort of taking on the global issues and the world, and now coming back to the small town and the central aspects of what the show is about… its exciting to be a part of a show that has these sort of phase of storytelling and I’m so excited to still be here.”

And with Season 7 just having been announced, how do you feel?

“Really excited… Especially when you consider I didn’t even know if the pilot was going to be picked up. When I first saw the script I thought either I’m on crack or this is the best thing I’ve ever read!”

When she was asked about the fact that Alexander Skarsgard was not there does that mean anything??

 Anna replied: “I would obviously not be allowed to answer that. ”

Since we know there are going to be deaths in this season, I guess what we, as the audience, want to know is, it going to be shocking, will we need tissues or therapy?!

“We generally make some people angry, some people happy and some people cry. And that’s just pretty much what we go for.”

So at the halfway point of the season, what can we expect to see?

“Daddy dearest wanted to drown me… um, whoops!  Bit of a life changer there…. The last shred of feel good about yourself is gone! The former love of her life is not so awesome right now… more like at the throwing plates at each other’s heads stage, not the lets curl up and have a cuddle stage… she and Eric, are just not going to work right now, there is a lot of love, but it’s wrong place wrong time… with a lot of stuff going on, well, it’s got to be resolved.”

Hoping the resolution comes soon. Waiting sucks! But in the meantime, you can view the video in its entirety below:

source: Access Hollywood: Anna Paquin – What’s Happening on True Blood Season 6?’

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc. via Instragram)