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Interview with a Vampire Lover

Anna Paquin in Dazed & ConfusedFor their January issue, Dazed & Confused Magazine interviewed Anna Paquin, the incandescent Kiwi who plays Sookie Stackhouse on HBO‘s True Blood.  In the interview, we discover that she was “a bit of a goth”, who wore the classic Doc Martens boots and had long, dark hair.  Not much of a stretch, then, that she would go on to become the embodiment of today’s dark & occult trend — vampires.

Not Your Typical Hollywood Star

Anna confesses she doesn’t quite believe in fate or destiny, that she largely attributes her 19-year career to luck.  She never saw herself living in Los Angeles, either.  When asked how the transition has been between becoming an Angeleno versus being a New Yorker, she replies:

“I swore I would never leave New York, come hell or high water, because I loved it… but I really love living in LA. And then as I kept deferring school to go work, and then my class graduated without me, I stopped pretending I was going to go back.”

Crediting her upbringing for the fact that she doesn’t handle compliments too well, she will say, “Thank you,” as proper etiquette dictates, but she doesn’t think too highly of herself.  She refuses to believe the hype, so to speak.  You also will never find her tooting her own horn.  Concerning this, she shares:

“I find it really fascinating when people will freely tell you things they are really good at. It’s like, ‘Wow, I am really happy that you are so confident!’ I guess part of me feels like if you think you’ve already got it all sorted then you’ve got nowhere to go. Then there is nothing to strive for and nothing to be attained. If you think you’re as smart as you need to be, then where do you go from there?”

Forever Young

True Blood's Anna Paquin in Dazed & Confused

Standing at a mere 5’4″, with incredibly good genes, Anna feels she looked like a teenager for entirely too long.  The downside to that is, she was often treated like a kid, even at the age of 20.  Certainly not by those who knew her personally or worked with her, for she feels she did not have “the work ethic of a kid.”  Being in the business for as long as she has, she’s had to mature and act beyond her years.  No longer being a victim of people judging a book by its cover, she is grateful that her looks are finally catching up to her emotional and chronological age.  About looking so young, she confesses:

“There is something to be said for looking like an adult. There is a certain sort of thing where people will look at you and think they know what your degree of life understanding and life experience is. Eventually, when people get to know you they realise you’re not some young flake — despite the fact that you look like you should be carded to go to an R-rated movie.”

Check out the whole interview if you want to read more about Anna’s personal life, or see what she has to say about Sookie.  Does she just get more and more interesting, or what?

Source:– Anna Paquin Bites Back

(Photo credit: Terry Richardson/Dazed & Confused)