Anna Paquin’s Healthy Lifestyle

August 29, 2009 by  

anna-1When it comes to staying in shape, Anna Paquin knows how to make good choices. After all, her True Blood character, Sookie Stackhouse, gives her body plenty of exposure on national television. But more than looking good, Anna makes healthy decisions to keep herself feeling good.

She is a very active person and enjoys lots of different things. She says that she is “obsessed with Pilates.” She also goes swimming in the ocean, is learning how surf, rides her bike, and has taken some trapeze classes.

Being on a television series sometimes requires actors to work 18-hour days. Anna finds time to take naps and give her body rest. She also stays out of unhealthy habits, but says,

“Kombucha and coffee are my two biggest vices.”

(For those of you who are wondering, Kombucha is a type of tea.)

It’s lovely that Anna seems like a celebrity who cares about staying healthy, but not about starving herself to stay thin. She talks about avoiding unhealthy habits instead of denying herself every food she enjoys. And she clearly exercises in ways that are fun for her. All of that in addition to her demanding job on True Blood!


(Photo credit: Pamela Hanson)