Anna Paquin Interview in Clinton, Louisiana

August 23, 2009 by  

nnaSince early July, we have shown photos, interviews, and footage of the True Blood cast’s trip to Louisiana. They shot scenes in the small town of Clinton, where everyone was very excited to welcome the show and help them stage the right atmosphere for the fictional town of Bon Temps. Most of that on-location work will feature in the episode this Sunday, entitled “New World in My View.”

Dave Walker of the Times-Picayune had the opportunity to speak with Anna Paquin about coming to the South, what the fans of True Blood are like, and what her plans are during the hiatus.

She talked about the importance of using the true Southern setting for a feel that can’t really be imitated:

“It’s great to see the type of small community in the right place and get a feel for what that’s really like, and actually shoot some of it here, because there are aspects of the South you cannot recapture elsewhere.”

Anna went on to discuss how her visibility has increased from being on such a popular show like True Blood. What she finds surprising is how it appeals to a tremendous variety of fans:

“There’s no observable demographic. Absolutely everyone and anyone seems to be a fan of the show. Usually I can pick what someone’s going to say when they recognize me. This one, it’s really random. Age, gender, whatever. It’s great. I think that’s one of the ways the show has managed to be successful.”

At the time that the interview was conducted, Anna had no work lined up for the break in production, saying she was “ready for some recharging.” Series television is such a demanding job; those months off between filming Seasons 2 and 3 will be able to provide Anna with some well-deserved rest! Besides, she noted that the movie industry has changed along with the economy:

“There are not as many smaller films happening anymore, not as many films that are not absolutely guaranteed box-office success.”

Those types of “big franchise” movies require a long-term commitment that would be hard for someone in Anna‘s position to make. But she says that she is excited to continue in Sookie’s world. I am glad about that too, because I want True Blood to go on for many years to come!


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