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nylon-magazine-anna-paquinAnna Paquin portrays my all time favorite female lead as Sookie Stackhouse in Alan Ball’s HBO hit “True Blood.”  Not only is Sookie smart and sassy, she is also beautiful and the envy of most women as two of the most gorgeous vampires in Bon Temps, Bill Compton — played by Anna’s real-life love, Stephen Moyer — and Eric Northman — played by Alexander Skarsgard — are smitten with our heroine. Anna sat with Nylon magazine‘s Luke Crisell to chat about the phenomenon of “True Blood.”  Anna, who is 27, grew up in New Zealand shared her thoughts on her nude scenes.

“I don’t think a naked body is particularly shocking or interesting… It’s not the culture I was raised in. I was not brought up in the United States. I don’t share the (attitude) that you can have graphic violence, but- God forbid- you see someone’s nipples.”

Anna, who is naturally a brunette, went blonde to portray Sookie and described the transition from brunette to blonde and how people’s perception is easily jaded. Anna says,

“I don’t look like a Barbie doll and probably never will. People are incredibly literal in how they view you. You have dark hair and pale skin? You must be brooding. The second you dye your hair blonde and get a spray tan, people treat you as if you’re a bit stupider and happier. Suddenly, it’s like you’re hot and sexy.”

Anna,who is best known for her Oscar-winning role in “The Piano” and her recurring role as Rogue in “The X-Men” franchise explains that she does not see TV as limiting her remarkable career but rather picks projects based on the quality of material. Anna says,

“It never occurred to me that one form of acting was better than another. I think if you approach your career like that you’re limiting yourself to a very boring path. For me, it’s about the material.”

Anna hosted a Nylon magazine Fall and TV party at the Skybar in the Mondrian Hotel on Monday night which was also attended by Stephen Moyer, Rutina Wesley and Carrie PrestonAnna has not let her personal relationship hinder or affect her work as her co-star explains.  Carrie Preston, who plays our beloved red-head waitress with spunk Arlene Fowler says,

“They got together during the pilot although they kept it very quiet. I didn’t know about it until way into the season. They were very cool and professional about it.”

On “True Blood,” Anna and Stephen‘s characters, Sookie and Bill are caught in a love triangle developing with Alexander Skarsgard’s character, Eric Northman.  Anna spoke about the upcoming season of “True Blood” and Sookie’s new undeniable lust towards Eric Northman. Anna says,

“Even if it’s just a dream, odds are we’ll be privy to some extra lovin’ between poor, duped Sookie and conniving Eric. She drank his blood, so now she has really vivid sexual fantasies about him. I guess that’s how it works.”

Anna graces the September cover of Nylon magazine and can be seen playing Sookie Stackhouse in Alan Ball’s HBO hit, “True Blood” every Sunday night at 9 p.m.


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  • Kara G

    Great article on Anna. She is one of a kind and plays Sookie so well. Can’t wait to see the triangle unfold with her Bill and Eric! 🙂

  • Elizabeth…That’s what the bank, told me..when I asked for a loan..”Lani, your so funny..” Anyways..Stephen can talk about nipples anytime ..Or any other body part!! It’s allllll good…I did like the article, though..Yeah, they’re both good..But, ya now ..I still gotta go back to my, wild and crazy Vampire..Can’t help it??!!(I’m sick??kinda like a sicko??!)O.K., I’m stopping now!! Really!! I AM!!

  • Alexander L

    Nice article. Nice to see Anna in an interview. She seems very smart and well balanced for someone from Hollywood. Great articles, this site is great! I hope you guys keep us up to dated after the season is over to. Thank you.

  • Elizabeth D

    Yes, Anna is very smart and grounded as well, her and Stephen make a great couple! Iani, you are so funny, ‘Erics not bad either”, LOL! Thanks for posting comments , they are very much appreciated!

  • I think Stephen Moyer said the same thing about , the United States and nipples?! How odd?…Anyways, there ya go …they are one…I love the show, though!! They are both good in it..Of course, I watch it for Vampire Bill..mostly..Eric’s not bad either…

  • Elizabeth

    Anna is so smart and well grounded. I love the bit where she says about “poor, duped Sookie and conniving Eric” as that is how I see it too.

  • Kelly

    She is my favorite to!! I used to love the show “Alias” with Jennifer Garner as the lead and thought that was my fave until this show aired. Anna is great as Sookie! She is so pretty to!