Anna Paquin Is Well and Fine

May 22, 2009 by  

anna-paquin-sookie-stackhouseIt came to our attention from some True Blood fans that information was posted on “annapaquin82” on myspace by her “manager” reporting that “Anna has been so busy with everything lately & she just went to the hospital from fainting & exhaustion & not breathing good.”  Several of her fans expressed concern about her well-being. WE HAVE DETERMINED THROUGH OFFICIAL CHANNELS THIS INFORMATION IS FALSE.   ANNA IS FINE AND NOT IN THE HOSPITAL. These myspace accounts purporting to be famous people are run by overly exited fans and the information is often incorrect and, in this case, damaging to the actresses’ reputation.  If you see further rumors such as this please check here at for the most accurate information available.

  • Chris

    Wow, that’s sad! It woud be such a fun thing if they did. They could also do what Peter F. Does (he’s the father vampire on twilight) he does a video blog that fans can subscribe to. Some of the other actors do a Twitter that’s once a week or so. It gives them more control over what their fans are told.

  • There are many people claiming to be some celeb or another ,it’s possible but other then a few actors who don’t mind the idea of people following them(which has nothing to do with celeb status there are A list actors who have it and don’t mind) most want privacy…..
    I would be careful if your favorite celeb took a sudden deep interest, the ones who don’t mind being followed don’t usually follow their fans

  • Chris

    Do any of the actors really have a twitter?

    • Hi Chris, as far as we know to date none of the actors from True Blood are on Twitter.