Anna Paquin: Life, Love And True Blood

October 31, 2009 by  

Anna-Paquin-Mindfood-Cover-Pamela-HansonTrue Blood star Anna Paquin has worked hard to get where she is today, but she has balanced that with a personal philosophy of living in the moment. She is only 27-years old and already has a decade of successful work in film, television, and theatre, including an Academy Award at age 11 for The Piano, and a Golden Globe earlier this year for True Blood. Outside of her career, she has found love and happiness with her co-star and fiance Stephen Moyer. In a cover feature in the Australian magazine, MiNDFOOD, Anna talks about enjoying life, one day at a time.

A fan of Alan Ball’s previous television series, Six Feet Under, Anna pursued the role of Sookie Stackhouse when she heard that he was doing True Blood:

“He’s extraordinary, smart, funny and unpredictable in his humor, and he’s kind and approachable. The best boss you could possibly have.”

And then there was meeting Stephen and having their relationship grow as they worked alongside each other:

Steve and I had a certain instant connection. We read Bill and Sookie opposite each other for the very reason that there needed to be a strong connection between the two actors playing those characters. Then that’s the person you’re working with all the time. It doesn’t hurt when the relationship on screen, which you’re trying to create, is one of attraction and fascination. Somewhere the line gets a little blurred.”

True Blood fans can definitely see that chemistry between them! And, as a viewer, knowing that those feelings between Bill and Sookie are based on real love between Stephen and Anna makes the story come to life even more.

Prior to life on True Blood, Anna had already been working as an actor for 15 years. Even though she was catapulted into the spotlight at an early age because of her Oscar win, she has always been a grounded young woman, with a good upbringing and realistic outlook on life that she attributes to her family:

“I came up through the ranks before the tabloid media became what it is currently. It wasn’t as much of a feeding frenzy. I guess that’s more good luck than good management. There was very little time to be affected, and my family didn’t value [fame] and weren’t interested in it. It was more about doing well in school, getting an education and doing something with your life.”

Anna has also had the opportunity to work with great professional role models, with her favorite being the first, Holly Hunter:

“I’m still in awe of her. The Piano was my apprenticeship. I had no idea what I was doing and I absolutely adored her. So I just followed her lead. She can just walk on water talent-wise.”

Anna loved being part of the theatre community in New York City, where she lived since she was 18. She has since relocated to Venice Beach where she and Stephen have a house:

“It’s incredibly nice down here. It’s really relaxing; I can ride my bike everywhere and I like being by the ocean.”

In her spare time, one of her favorite hobbies is playing Scrabble. She also keeps her body fit through all different kinds of activities, from kickboxing to yoga. She loves playing a strong character like Sookie:

“She’s her own little action star. I get bloodied and vomited on and beaten up — everything that the girl doesn’t often get to do in a show or a film because they’re usually the girlfriend. Sookie’s the center of all the action or trauma.”

Another big interest of Anna’s is fashion, which you could guess by just looking at all of the fabulous dresses she has worn on red carpets:

“I love anyone who cuts for women’s bodies, not boys’ bodies — designers who actually take curves into account. I absolutely love beautiful clothes and dressing up for red carpet stuff. The whole Cinderella thing: the dress, the shoes, the hair, the makeup and the jewelry.”

Her true passions though, are about the bigger things in life. She’s looking forward to starting a family someday. She’s enjoyed her experiences maintaining the production company, Paquin Films, with her brother Andrew, and hopes to one day direct a film. She also wants to travel and see the world. But Anna doesn’t have a set plan in mind for all of that:

“I go one step at a time. I’ve never really thought too far ahead because then you’re never disappointed if it doesn’t happen the way you thought it would. There isn’t a lifestyle or job where there are any guarantees. I’m happy living in the right now.”

That’s certainly an admirable point of view to have and it has served her very well in life. Anna talks about having everything she could possibly want and about enjoying what she has. She is one of the few young actresses in Hollywood who seems worthy of all the success she has been blessed with.


(Photo credit: Pamela Hanson / MiNDFOOD)