Anna Paquin: A Modern-Day Role Model

June 17, 2010 by  

True Blood‘s Anna Paquin is featured on the cover of the July issue of SELF Magazine which goes on sale on newsstands on June 22, 2010.  In her interview with SELF Magazine, Anna discusses an array of topics ranging from her personal life, her exercise and diet regime, to her work on True Blood culminating in the development of her relationship with her fiance, Stephen Moyer. Perhaps what is most intriguing about this particular interview with Anna is that it demonstrates the qualities that many admire in her as a confident, modern woman.

Not one to be easily swayed by what others think, Anna allows her better judgment to take precedents versus following the crowd which would be to her own detriment.  As Anna explains,

“I’m newly initiated into the followed-by-paparazzi crowd, and I’ve had to stop caring what people I don’t know and will never meet think about me. If I did, I’d never leave my house! It’s like, OK, I’m sorry that at 6 a.m. when I walk my dog, I don’t look ready to hit the red carpet. That’s me! I don’t always dry my hair if I’m not going out. Ooh. And, yes, I wear a helmet when I ride my bike. Seriously, I was made fun of for wearing a bicycle helmet. I was like, OK, that would be a really stupid reason to die. At that point, I was done.”

It is these refreshing qualities in Anna that makes her the perfect modern role model to women.  Confidence, strength and determination to follow through with one’s convictions are some of the endearing qualities that many of Anna‘s fans see in her as Anna has seen in herself since portraying Sookie Stackhouse on True Blood.

“Yeah. If I had let the oh-God-my-body-is-going-to-be-on-display-all-the-time part of it mess with my head, it would’ve killed True Blood’s chance of being something that made me really happy. Oddly, I find the nude scenes to be a lot less stressful than just constantly being very skimpily clad. I’m quite comfortable with being naked, but spending 18 hours a day wearing little tank tops that could fit a 2-year-old and shorts that barely cover my bum? For me, that was an adjustment. That said, I never think about it now.”

And how is she able to maintain her physique in top condition?  Through hard work, dedication and determination.

“I’m really careful about what I eat. It’s not like this [body] is an accident. It’s the what-you-would-eat-if you-were-being-photographed-in-a-bikini-tomorrow diet. I don’t want to be one of those actresses who says, “I eat cheeseburgers all the time.” I don’t! I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. I never eat fast food. I’m getting better at taking care of myself without depriving myself, though. Dessert once a week won’t kill me.”

Another way Anna is a wonderful, modern-day role model for women is that she knows that staying healthy is more important then sacrificing it for out-of-date practices such as sunbathing in the hot California sun. As she has found out, coloring the skin is not the only thing that benefits from this technique.

“Naturally I’m almost transparent! Spray tanning, with the right person doing it, is amazing. All the color, none of the cancer! And my experience has been—as annoying as it sounds—it’s true that people stare at blonde girls more than quasi-famous brunettes.”

This is a fantastic interview with Anna that really provides the reader with insight into who she is and why she is a modern-day role model.

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To read the full in-depth interview with Anna Paquin, make sure you pick up your copy of the July issue of SELF magazine on newsstands June 22nd.


(Photo Credit:  SELF Magazine)