Anna Paquin’s “The Romantics” at the Sundance Film Festival

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Anna Paquin‘s new movie, The Romantics, is going to be screened at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. During the break from filming True Blood, Anna was a very busy woman, working in New York on The Romantics, which is the story of a bunch of twenty-somethings who all went to Yale together, and are now joining up again for the wedding of two members of the group.

This indie film is being shown at the Sundance Film Festival, which is the largest independent film festival in the United States, takes place in Utah every year, and has done so since 1978, when it was founded by Sterling Van Wagenen. Nowadays, the Sundance Film Festival is well known for having the support of Robert Redford, and the “Focus on Film” campaign, which was started in 2007.

The Romantics, which stars Katie Holmes and Josh Duhamel alongside Anna and several others, has four screenings at the Sundance Film Festival, and three of them are already waitlist only.

The Romantics is also very unique as an indie film being shown at the Sundance Film Festival. The movie was filmed in November 2009 and only had a few weeks to edit and put the movie together. This is not something common in the film industry, where it often takes years to get a project greenlighted, the roles cast, the actual filming, pre- and post-production, etc. However, considering that the woman behind this movie also wrote the book it’s based on, this may not be a bad thing, as she has a clear view of what she wants from the movie, which can help speed the process of film making.

Obviously, The Romantics already has been noticed by many people, and it will be great to hear what people think of the movie once more of them have seen it!

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