Anna Paquin Signing Autographs After Regis And Kelly

July 20, 2009 by  

normal_anna-paquin_100Video footage of True Blood’s Anna Paquin signing autographs for fans after taping Regis and Kelly, New York City. You have to give Anna credit the atmosphere seems a bit claustrophobic, however she remained gracious as she took pictures and signed for her fans.
The video for Anna’s appearance on Regis and Kelly is not yet available, I will post it once it goes up for those of you who missed the show.

(photo credit:Roger Wong, WENN; Photos:INF daily and Just Jared)

  • Oh I am pretty sure it was the lady screaming Anna, Anna, look over here, Anna, Anna, Anna, Look Up, Over here Anna.I would have lost my mind.I said she was very gracious as an understatement of the highly annoying people around her. I cannot and do not want to imagine what my behavior would be under those circumstances…

    • Vin

      The really terrible thing is that half the time it is not even a real fan. Paparazzi show up at these events all the time to get pictures to sell to tabloid sites. Sadly the paps never let respect get in the way of annoying behavior. Anna’s true fans always seemed very respectful and Anna seems to be very gracious given the circumstances.

  • Susan

    I just want to point out that I love the show, True Blood. However, I just watched the autographing session after Regis and Kelly that you have posted on the site and Anna Paquin looks a bit uncomfortable. Do you think it could be the lady with the annoying voice in the background, screaming, “Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna, look over here, Anna, look over your shoulder, Anna this, and Anna that?” I mean for God’s sake people, the show is excellent, but you don’t have to annoy the hell out of the stars of the show and make them uncomfortable when they are being kind enough to sign an autograph. They are people, just like you and I. Remember that!

    • nia

      Susan, I was thinking the exact same thing as I was watching that video. Anna was considerate and accomodating considering the crush of people and the annoying women screaming her name over and over and over. That woman gives fans a bad name. These celebrities are just people who we happen to know and love because they have brought themselves into our home. We should be always grateful for that and a little more sensitive to their personnal space and privacy.
      I saw a video of Stephen going in to Regis and one guy was really rude although Stephen was a perfect gentleman.
      I can understand the need to get near them, but I would be embarrassed to behave that way. I think I would rather stay away and admire them from afar then have them think of me as a crazy idiot fan.
      Remember what happened to Elvis, Curt Cobain or Michael Jackson. I am not saying that this is exactly the same, but they could not go anywhere without the crush, the photo flashes and general craziness of fans and paparazzi. It destroyed them. Lets be kind and considerate of those we admire so much.