Anna Paquin Stands Out in All-Star Cast of The Romantics

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Anna Paquin, True Blood, Sookie Stackhouse, The RomanticsIn The Romantics, Anna Paquin plays a role about as different from True Blood’s Sookie Stackhouse as she could possibly get. She’s a bride-to-be, engaged to the handsome Josh Duhamel, who’s struggling with feelings for his ex, played by Katie Holmes, who just so happens to be the maid of honor. The cast also includes Adam Brody, Malin Akerman, Elijah Wood, and Dianna Agron.

Feedback on the film overall has been mostly negative. Over at, the reviewer writes that the backstory of these college friends who reunite for a wedding weekend of two of their own is never established. Instead, viewers are left with “remarkably banal conversations about which archetype each character represents and silent-save-for-soundtrack walks on the beach.”

Lest this discourage you from seeing the film, it has also gotten praise, such as this from the critic at the New York Post:

“With its tart dialogue and its perfect ending, it is sensitive as well as sagacious. It’s a rare combination.”

All this to say, it’s a matter of opinion. And even the bad report above goes on to praise one cast member in particular:

“Easily walking away with the film, Anna Paquin’s entitled bitch queen of a bride. Although she may be the ostensible villain, her aggression makes her sympathetic compared to the sulky shells around her; when she pussy whips the pre-wedding jitters out of Duhamel, we only wish she’d tear into the rest of the cast as well.”

So maybe that description isn’t totally foreign to Anna’s work on True Blood–we saw Sookie full of attitude in the latter half of Season 3! That might be reason enough for Truebies who are dying for a fix to go see it. The Romantics is currently playing in select US theaters.

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