Anna Paquin Talks Season 2 with the Philippine Inquirer

August 23, 2009 by  

97438_anna-paquin-as-sookie-stackhouse-on-hbos-true-bloodWith Season 2 of “True Blood” about to start airing in Asia, Anna Paquin did an interview for the Philippine Daily Inquirer to talk about what her job is like — vampires, nudity and all.

She discussed how hard she worked to get the part of Sookie Stackhouse, reading as much of the Charlaine Harris series as she could to be familiar with the character and the world. She knew it would be difficult for her to be cast as a blonde, tan, Southern girl because she was pale, brunette and from New Zealand. Nevertheless, Alan Ball and the people at HBO were willing to take a chance on her. And now it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing Sookie!

When asked why vampires are viewed as sexy, Anna responded:

“It’s always the biting that is a metaphor for sex and intimacy. There’s definitely a sexual longing that is at the center of that. As in a relationship, you give a part of yourself to the other person and you feed off each other. It can be painful and ecstatic at the same time.”

She went on to talk about playing opposite her real-life fiance, Stephen Moyer, and how nice it is that she actually gets to see him! But she doesn’t want her public relationship to pull the focus away from the show:

“I always hope that people will watch the work for what it is, not the behind-the-scenes story.”

I don’t think Anna has anything to worry about there — the story of “True Blood” would be enough to keep us coming back each week, whether she and Stephen were together or not.

As for all the nudity required, Anna says it has never bothered her and at this point, it’s just part of the job:

“By the time the camera has seen me naked more often than any of my doctors, why flatter myself to think they really care anymore? It’s still an 18-hour day no matter if they’re looking at naked people or not.”

In preparing Asian audiences for the changes in Season 2, Anna said that Sookie has gotten tougher and grown up after everything that happened in Season 1. She leaves her small town for a new world with “exotic trouble.” (Although I think it’s safe to say that exotic trouble comes to her small town, too!)

Season 2 is set to begin in Asia on Aug. 22 on MAX. We keep seeing True Blood‘s ratings climb among U.S. viewers and soon millions of people on the other side of the world will be able to experience the same crazy, emotional episodes that we’ve been seeing since June.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)