Anna Paquin’s Thoughts on the True Blood Script

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Anna Paquin has quite a resume as an accomplished actress – complete with her own Academy Award. In a terrific interview in July’s Venice Magazine, Anna and reporter Andrew Fish discussed many of her roles, both prior to and during her current role on HBO‘s hit series, True Blood.

But focusing on her portrayal of Sookie Stackhouse, the telepathic waitress who gets involved in many ways with vampires and werewolves, I enjoyed Anna‘s response when asked what she originally thought of the True Blood script.

She said no way were they going to cast this “pale, dark, brooding girl” as a Southern perky blonde! Although she knew hair color works wonders, not everyone can use their imagination. Fortunately for her, and us, creator Alan Ball could.

Loving the script and the world that author Charlaine Harris created with her Southern Vampire Series of books, on which True Blood is based, Anna said it was “funny and smart and twisted” – and that’s exactly what she loves in all forms of entertainment.

Talk about making your wish come true, Anna said that about 6 months before she received the script, she’d been telling people she’d like to do a show on “HBO or Showtime or one of the good cable” networks because she believes the quality of their shows is very high. The idea of knowing where she’d be located for several months of the year as well as being able to develop friendships with co-workers had much appeal to her.

Putting positive vibes out into the universe does work. It turned out so much better than she’d imagined.

“I can’t think of a group of people that I would rather spend the next five years of my life with. It’s a wonderful ensemble in the truest sense, where everyone is equally important and necessary and it doesn’t work without the whole group. Every single part is filled with such interesting, wonderfully talented, great people. It’s a dream. Everyone’s so into it and we all feel so lucky to be there.”

Of Alan Ball, she says he’s one of the funniest people she’s met and is “like everyone’s favorite uncle” – interesting, smart, funny, nice and a cool guy. Everyone wants to sit and chat with him and listen to his stories.

And let’s not forget that extra bonus of falling in love with the leading man. “You know, life is pretty great. I’m pretty damn lucky, and I know it. I’m aware that this is not, like, a normal amount of good shit at one time. [laughs] It’s quite a special little setup. And the people and the friendships; it’s one of those things that may or may not ever come together in that way ever again — and if it never does, I feel incredibly blessed that I got this. All the stars kind of aligned. I know what a good thing I’ve got.”

Speaking of Sookie, Anna said she doesn’t think she’s stupid but actually very brave. She knows she’s going to get into trouble, but she doesn’t care. She does it because she’ll stick her neck out for things she believes in. “She jumps right on it” and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. And ends up getting into trouble…a lot! “It wouldn’t be as fun if she didn’t”, Anna laughed.

True Blood watchers can see a variety of symbolism pertaining to our society, politics, discrimination. Anna said while people can see all that in the show, True Blood is not “a messagey show”. It’s “just really fun to watch. And weird and crazy and wildly outrageous.”

One example she gave was regarding Godric (Allan Hyde). While so many people were sad to see him meet the sun because he thought his vision of peace between humans and vampires could not be met, Anna has a different perspective. “The last hope for peace committed suicide because there was no hope for peace.” Ironic. I see her point!

So, the interviewer asks, is it possible for there to be peace between humans and vampires?

“Certainly not on our show — otherwise we’d all be going home! [laughs] And they lived happily ever after. Eric opened a really nice school for young vampires, where he lovingly talked them through the early stages of vampirism and how not to kill people. And Pam covered makeup tips for hiding the blood. It’s just never gonna happen, is it? Although it would be funny! It would be funny for one episode and then it would be like, ‘Just kidding, that was a dream’.”

Pam giving makeup tips? Now that would be funny!


(Photo credit – Andrew MacPherson via venice managzine)

  • lizzie1701

    Nice article from Venice Mag. Lovely pics as well. I do reckon that the stars were aligned when cast for TB – great show, great friends and a great boyfriend!

    Thanks Caryl.

  • Maggie Mae

    Eric opens a school for young vampires? LOVE IT! Sign me up! *giggles* Great interview but yeah, she does raise a great point. Everyone wants to see their favorite characters get their happily ever after but that really doesn’t work unless you’re ready for the story to end. HEA is boring to read/watch unfortunately. You need conflict for the story to move. It would be nice if they had her comment on something funny or informative about each of her co-stars. I’d love to hear what she had to say about them all. 😀