Anna Paquin In Trick ‘r Treat At The Toronto After Dark Film Festival

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trickrtreatpic11I don’t know how many of you True Blood fans are also fans of the horror genre, such as me. Yes I am aware that True Blood is about vampires, and some other types of interesting creatures but the fans are definitely a mixed bag. There are some of you who are attracted to the romance in the show, others who watch just to see anything that has Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) and Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) on screen every week. I love it all, the out there, the weird, the romantic, and the gory. Well for all of you True Blood fans like me who like a taste of the scary, a movie with Anna Paquin is coming out at the “Toronto After Dark Film Festival” in Toronto, Canada running from August 14 -21 2009, called “Trick ‘r Treat”. Now my son who keeps up on upcoming horror movies told me this is a movie he REALLY wants to see, he also watched the trailer a while back. Just so you know I should also add that he is a bit of an elitist horror fan. No matter how hot he thinks Anna Paquin is, if “it sucked” in his words he would share it.  Seems that Warner Brothers kept delaying the release of the movie and it was in the bag before True Blood.

The reviewer Andrew Kasch from DreadCentral also loves it as he puts it:

“Mike Dougherty (co writer of X-Men 2 and Superman Returns), “cast aside all pretensions and delivered a wildly entertaining slice of EC Comics gold equal to Creepshow and the very best of Tales from the Crypt.”

Sounds like fun traditional October viewing for me. In an excerpt from the article the author also says:

“This is the kind of horror movie that reminds us why we fell in love with horror movies. It may not be high art, but Trick r’ Treat brings back a kind of purity that has long been absent from movie screens: On top of it all, Trick ‘r Treat’s beautiful cinematography and score generates an atmosphere thick enough to insulate your house and, combined with stellar sets and costumes, brings All Hollow’s Eve to vivid life like never before. Dougherty’s clever script also deserves special props for its unrelenting and savage sense of humor (which definitely pushes the envelope by Hollywood standards).”

Anything that pushes the envelope is always good for me; as we know Anna Paquin can scream bloody fear with the best of them. This time no Bill there to rescue her, she is on her own! Where is a good Vampire when you need one….
To read the full review of the movie it is available at:

The Official Toronto After Dark Film Festival Website

(photo credit: Warner Brothers)

Also for your viewing pleasure a trailer from Trick ‘r Treat so enjoy vamp fans!