Anna Paquin Warns Of Online Imposters

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anna_paquin_2453379True Blood’s Anna Paquin warns of befriending online impostors claiming to be her. Although Ms. Paquin does have real accounts, she logs onto social networking sites under fake names to keep in touch with friends.
Anna says:

“I have a private Facebook page that’s obviously not listed as Anna Paquin but there is also somebody on Facebook who is pretending to be me. In the last month I’ve been ‘engaged’, I’ve been in the hospital and evidently my ‘manager’, who is indeed writing on it, can’t spell or use grammar. They have this whole world going about me, and things that I’ve said and pictures of the ring when I got ‘engaged’. It’s awesome.”

This may not be groundbreaking True Blood news but I felt it important for us to put out there. The idea of impostors posing as celebrities although for some may seem like harmless role playing, you never really know the individuals motives or mental state of being.
We do not  know of any public networking sites for the stars of True Blood to directly interact with the public, and suggest you befriend responsible fan sites of the actor or actress of which you’re a fan.

The article on Ms.Paquin finishes with this:

” Take a close look at pictures posted by hackers before befriending her online – insisting she’d never upload photos of herself from the tabloids.
In a sarcastic rant, she adds, “Obviously, if it were my Facebook page I would use paparazzi and magazine pictures of myself, because I’m just that conceited.”

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