Anne Rice Likes Bill Compton From True Blood

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Anne-RiceRecently the Queen of vampire literature, Anna Rice sat down with Jennifer Dean from The Press Enterprise to discuss her new book “Angel Time prior to her book signing event at The Mission Inn in Southern California. In this in-depth interview Ms. Rice was asked what she thought about the current vampire types that are represented in “Twilight” and “True Blood.”  Ms. Rice responded by stating:

“It’s fun. I think there’s nothing there to be frightened about or upset about. I’ve seen both the “Twilight” series and I think they were just romances for young teens. I mean, it’s the same formula as “Jane Eyre” basically. The young girl … the other mysterious figure takes an interest in her and is both protective and yet is a threat. And it’s kind of, I think, Stephenie Meyer hit on that formula and it’s a formula that always works. She’s just done it in a new way. I’m amazed that parents are kind of frightened. I think the kids reading the book know that it’s fiction. There were people a hundred years ago frightened when people were reading the book “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Brontë. There’s nothing to be frightened about. It’s just fiction.

And I think “True Blood” is very clever. I really like Bill Compton. I think he’s a nice, really melancholy, tormented vampire. I think Southerners really like “True Blood” because they got the South right. It took a vampire show to get it right. So often they get it totally wrong, but somehow or another, it totally works.”

It is wonderful to hear Ms. Rice‘s high praise for True Blood and for our beloved Bill ComptonYou can enjoy reading and watching the full interview with Anne Rice by clicking on the link here.

SOURCE:  The Press Enterprise

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