Anne Rice Weighs In On True Blood and Twilight

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Aaron Tellock on had a question and answer with Anne Rice.  If you are anne_rice2wikiunfamiliar, Anne Rice’s novels beginning with “Interview With The Vampire” defined a genre of change in the way we saw vampires.  It also inspired an entire subculture although already existing to, OK I will say it, come out of the coffin. I have been a vampire and horror fan since I was young, I actually ran home from school in second grade to watch “Dark Shadows”.  Alright So I was a little freak but hey if you are reading this you have all joined my ranks.

In the question and answer Ms. Rice not only talks about the popularity of her books but, weighs in on her opinion of  True Blood and Twilight.

Here is an excerpt talking about both series:

“Q: What do you think about the direction that the vampire legend has taken over the past few years?”

On Twilight Ms. Rice states: “I am intrigued by the direction the vampire legend has taken. I think the teen vampire romance, Twilight, was a curious film in many respects, one obviously made for 12 year olds, and it presents a very tame picture of the vampire and one that does not entirely make sense. We are to believe that a group of immortals choose to live in a tiny town rather than a metropolis, and that they go to high school over and over again, which certainly sounds horrible. But obviously this appeals to very young kids and the vampire, Edward, is charming, and strong, and is a powerful metaphor for the outsider and also he represents what teenagers dream of: a boyfriend who is really deep and caring and powerful and protective. In a way, it is about a young girl’s desire for an older man.”

As for True Blood:
True Blood“, the HBO series, is infinitely more complex. The show is clever, satirical and yet deeply involving. It is full of humor and yet its characters have tender and emotional scenes. I find it very engaging and fun to watch. Obviously it has too much sex and violence for very young teens. But for an adult audience, it is an amazing development in the vampire mythology, putting the vampires right into the mainstream of the modern world. I like the show. I think the vampire Bill is the usual metaphor for the outsider and the sensitive outcast who suffers. He’s excellent.”

Now do not fang the messenger I am just bringing the excerpts of her article, if you read both responses she is not slamming the series she just feels that the vampires of “Twilight” just present a much tamer version of the vampire genre which would appeal to young teens. And also says that True Blood is meant for a more mature audience because it has too much sex and violence for the younger teens.

None of this says that both series cannot be enjoyed by everyone but… well… you all know where I weigh in. I just love my True Blood.

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