The Annual Truebie Awards (TATTAs)

March 1, 2010 by  

True Blood scored a fist-full of nominations this awards season, but largely lost out (to Mad Men, curse them) apart from a People’s Choice Award for Best Television Obsession and a Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing: Short Form Dialogue and ADR in Television.

Given the dearth of awards we thought we’d come up with a few of our own for our favorite True Blood characters. We have called them The Annual Truebie Awards or TATTAs. We tried very hard to come up with an acronym that spelled VAMP but had to admit defeat. Perhaps one of you guys can have a go…

So here they are in no particular order…

The Award for Best Crying, Screaming and Frothy Gurgling (often simultaneously) Moment:
Sookie Stackhouse

The Award for Best Sexy Snarl:
Bill Compton

The Award for Best Arrogant Sneer (shared):
Eric Northman and Sophie-Anne LecLerq

The Award for Highest Number of WTF Moments:
Sam Merlotte

The Award for the Cutest Ever Black-Eyed Demon Couple:
Arlene Fowler and Terry Bellefleur

The Award for Best Let’s Cross That Chicken Before it Burns Moment (shared):
Andy Bellefleur and Jason Stackhouse

The Award for Best Gratuitous Washboard Ab Exposure (shared):
Jason Stackhouse and Eggs Benedict

The Award for “Being Kept in this Dungeon is Bad for My Skin” Moment:
Lafayette Reynolds

The Award for Best Maniacal Laugh While Tied to a Chair:
Tara Thornton

The Award for Best “Vampers Gave Me a Really Bad Hair Day” (shared):
Steve and Sarah Newlin

The Award for Best Clueless Sexual Innuendo Relating to Puddings:
Steve Newlin

The Award for Best 80s Killer Disco Diva Styling:
Pam Ravenscroft

The Award for Best Insane B***h Moments (shared – couldn’t separate these ones):
Lorena, Maryann Forrester, and Sophie-Ann Leclerq.
With an honorable mention to Maxine Fortenberry

The Award for How to Channel Pennywise the Clown and Still Look Hot:
Eric Northman

The Award for I Totally Like Missed That Jesus Dude Moment:

The Award for the Best “I’m 28 and Still a Virgin” Confession Moment:
Hoyt Fortenbery

The Award for Best Cackle Above and Beyond the Call of Duty:
Maxine Fortenberry

The Award for Best “My Hymen Came Back and I’m Really, REALLY, Pissed About It” Moment:
Jessica Hamby

Congrats to all the winners! Next year we hope to have voting, a trophy and everything! Hope you enjoyed the round-up!

(Photo credits:  HBO Inc.)

  • Delirium

    Well, that was funny, thanks.

    How about Visual Awards for Media Passions, aka the VAMPs?

    It was the only thing I could think of. :P~

    And I’m sure passionate about this series. I’ve just watched the entire 2nd season in one sitting. I watched the 1st one a few days ago, split into two parts.

  • Caryl

    I think we need a list of Jason-isms. Perhaps I’ll do that. The things that come out of that boy’s mouth are hilarious! Sarah Newlin: “You’re worse than Judas.” Jason: “Why? What’d he do to you?” Gotta love him!

  • Antonio

    Don’t forget:: Best Love Confession moment —Bill & Sookie
    Best Blood Kiss—Bill & Sookie
    Funniest Sexual Innuendo moment—Sam Merlotte & Daphne Landry
    Best “Kiss Off” moment A Tie Between Jessica Hamby & Bill Compton “I hate you So ******* Much”! And Sookie Stackhouse & Eric Northman “You disgust me!” “Your human is getting cocky,Bill!”
    Best “turned on” Couple moment—Jessica Hamby & Hoyt Fortenberry
    “You’re a Vampire? That’s Awesome!
    Best sex dream sequence moment—Eric Northman & Sookie Stackhouse
    Best Make Out Dream sequence—-Again Eric Northman & Sookie Stackhouse
    Most Hung Up ***** moment—Lorena
    “I’m Your maker You will Not overpower Me!”
    Dark Sense of humor—Eric Northman biting the gal and growing bored of her
    To Name a few…. 🙂

  • jaxx

    Good LOL moments. Thanks.

  • karin

    this made me smile. thank you.

  • pbt

    Loved this article. I am still smiling about it. Kudos for the creativity.