Another Night Of Solid Ratings For The Second Episode Of True Blood

October 18, 2009 by  

SookieWednesday night the UK saw its second installment of True Blood with a respectable 1.5 million viewers a 10% share between 10pm and 11.15pm.

Wednesday was a huge night in football with England playing Belarus for the final world cup qualifier, which slightly clashed with the beginning of the second True Blood episode; however, 136,000 viewers watched True Blood on Channel 4+1 (which airs all channel 4 programs an hour later).

These are respectable rating figures for a Wednesday night and it will only grow as season progresses. Tune in for the third installment on Wednesday night at 22.00 GMT Channel 4.

SOURCE:  Guardian

  • antonio

    It seems that TB is doing great in the ratings over most of western Europe,Asia Australia Not to Mention Canada and of Course the USA. I’m So glad for the cast crew and AB.
    Now, I’ve been surfing the net and came across a site where there were lots of photos and discussions about Season 1.
    They even had a slide show type presentation. I havent seen S1 yet. It looks pretty cool from what I was able to see.
    There was 1 scene in particular where Bill crawls out of his grave naked and bites has hot vamp sex with her and then bites her breast?? holy crap!! I just HAVE to see THIS!!
    1 reason that i kind of veered away from watching S1 was that i had heard that it was Very Sexual Very Explicit. I usually do not watch things like that. I like scifi/fantasy stuff like Star Wars Lord of the Rings Even Twilight Is tame by comparison. However, I must say that this show from what i have seen in S2 is just incredible! Its 1 Heck of a Ride!!
    I would concur with some1 who wrote on HBO’s site “I’ve NEVER Had So Much Fun being Scared and Turned-On at the Same Time!”
    That What its like Pure Adrenaline a pure Rush!!
    Being into True Blood is like being addicted to Hard Drugs!!
    I Always Want MORE and MORE!!
    I wonder…Will TB get “toned down” in S3? Will the sexual content and graphic violence lessen over time?
    NOT That I’m Complaining!! The Hot Vampire sex that I have seen in S2 Was the Best!!
    This show is Incredibly Provacative and Unbelievably Sexy!!
    At First, I Was taken aback by the strong sexual content and graphic violence But it is a well written show.
    HBO Really Does have a Winner with this!! Many More will tune in to see it and become fans!

  • antonio

    This is just great to hear! I’m glad the UK is as into it as We Americans and maybe even Canadians are! And Yes Many ARE into it! Many from HBO Many from On Demand Menu option Many from season 1 dvds!

  • Mr G

    Wow, I didnt realise this many were in to it!!

    Good Good