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We here at had the privilege of interviewing the multi-talented Ashley Jones who not only charmed us with her wit but her down-to-earth personality.  When she was not busy portraying Daphne on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood at night she was Bridget Forrester during the days on The Bold and Beautiful.  It was just one of the example of Ashley‘s dedication to her work and at the same time her ability to have fun with whatever come along her way.  Ashley is definitely and truly an inspiring woman and one to watch as her star continues to rise.

Ashley Jones True Blood Daphne at We know you studied at Pepperdine University in Malibu and then you went to Florence, Italy. How did that all work out? Was that just a semester abroad?

Ashley: Yes, that’s exactly what it was it was, through Pepperdine. Did you get to act there?

Ashley: No, I did not. That would be such a dream to get something over there. I did act a little bit at Pepperdine, but not overseas. I studied  art and art history and a little Italian while I was there. Great! Art and art history. Well that adds a whole new dimension. So who is your favorite painter?

Ashley: I have quite a few. I was recently in Italy and got inside the basilica, the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. Seeing Michelangelo’s work all over again is absolutely fascinating. If you didn’t act over there, were you acting in college?

Ashley: I did a little bit. I grew up in theater…and I’m always wanting to do more. One of my favorite plays I tried to tackle in college is Harold Pinter’s BETRAYAL, which was ambitious. I filmed a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie and a Lifetime movie and was a regular on The Young and the Restless. What was your first performance?

Ashley: My very first was a play called The Women. Then, I did The Chalk Garden by Enid Bagnold, directed by Kate Revnell Smith. Laurel was the character’s name. I was 11 or 12. She was a very precocious girl that lived with her grandmother in England. When I was doing theater growing up, I worked with amazing people and that’s really where I learned almost everything. It was a theater group run by a Broadway actress – her name was Chris Wilson. Anyone that knows or has worked in Texas would know Chris Wilson and the Alley Theater. Brandon Smith, her son, has done a lot of work in Hollywood. So you’ve done a lot of plays, and you’ve done TV … Have you done any movies?

Ashley: I have. I was in Old School I’m proud to say because I worked with seasoned comedians and actors. Will Ferrell, Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Todd Phillips – who is a very talented director/ writer. I had a small part in that. It was actually bigger when I worked on the show for two and a half to three weeks with Will Ferrell mainly. I played Tracy the caterer, who was having an affair with Craig Kilborn. So do you have a favorite medium then? Do you prefer TV, movies, plays?

Ashley: I don’t have children yet but if I have kids, I kind of imagine film would be a great place to be because if you could work it out to do one or two films a year. But, comedies and —I’m extremely happy doing whatever comes my way, though. I’m rambling, sorry! Oh, that’s okay. We like these kind of answers. You were recently at EyeCon. What is your impression of conventions in general?

Ashley: It’s a lot of work to be honest and you have to be “on” a lot. You know – you were there when I was doing the question and answer. I was honored people were coming to the Q&A. The fans were really gracious, intelligent, lovely people. You were certainly the life of the party at EyeCon and it was wonderful. It was great of you to get the other actors involved with the audience at certain points and we all certainly appreciated your presence there.

Ashley: Well that is so kind of you. Thank you. It’s really been a pleasure. Well I think you’re absolutely amazing. When you were at EyeCon, you were talking about both doing the soap opera exactly the same days you were doing True Blood …

Ashley: It was a bit nutty. I worked on The Bold and the Beautiful in the day time and on True Blood, we work vampire hours, so I would work nights sometimes. There were probably a half a dozen days or nights that I would be on a ranch in Malibu working on True Blood pretty much till like 7:30 in the morning and I would have an 8:30 call at CBS, which was about an hour away in traffic so I wouldn’t even go home. I would go from Malibu to CBS and there was one day I got there they thought, “Well, you still got your make up on, we don’t even need to redo your make up, just a touch up.” The two production companies were amazing. Did you start to feel like you had a dual personality going on?

Ashley: At times, yeah, I have to say. Alan Ball understands and shows respect to that region and to those people. He shows respect because throughout all the craziness, he goes on with their lives. You know, Maenads and shape shifters and vampires and soon to be werewolves throughout all of that, he makes them real and genuine. I mean, Tara says these horrible things to every person that happens to disagree with her and she says, “you’re a racist” and that kind of thing but he respects her, she’s still a good person …

Ashley: Oh, absolutely. Respect is a good word. I always find his writing and vision to be very authentic, too. Would you be open to returning to True Blood?

Ashley: Of course I would be touched and honored – especially because I’ve never been able to play a character like this. You become so attached. I thought I was going to do a job for a limited time, but it really did change me in a lot of ways. It opened up a lot of doors for me. You don’t expect to fall in love with the production people and the fans and the cast.

The fans are just wonderful and they’re really loyal. A couple of people have said what was so disappointing was Sam really finding some form of love and it was ripped away from him again. The way the characters grow together (Daphne and Sam) … they’re very few, but the moments were so real.. Setting the scenes in the swamp swimming and talking … there’s a certain intimacy there in the way they were shot that you felt that you were right there with them. Because this is a fantasy show; it’s possible that you could come back as a completely different character. With all the make up, you could not look like Daphne at all.

Ashley: You’re totally right and of course anyone who has been with the show would want to come back! With that said, it’s Alan Ball and it’s a fantasy. So really between those two forces, anything could happen. Well we are looking forward to that possibility!

Ashley: Oh, that’s so sweet. Thank you very much. Just the fact that anyone ever thought of that kind of validates the work that I was able to do on the show. We all loved you on the red carpet and you’re just … you’re Bridget Forrester and fashion is in your blood. Is it in Ashley Jones’ blood and if so, who gave you your fashion sense? You are the belle of the ball on every red carpet.

Ashley: Well thank you. That’s so sweet. I don’t quite have the accessibility or the finances really to wear everything I would want to wear. My mom’s always been privy to trends and has a phenomenal eye for interior design and style and fashion. I try to have fun with that form of expression. So I have some goofy questions that we ask everybody …

Has True Blood reshaped the way you think about good and evil?

Ashley: The lines of good and evil get blurred with more life, don’t they. There’s a lot of grey in there. True Blood depicts that….but, nah, ultimately, it’s a fun show about vampires. You seemed to play Daphne as if she was very innocent. Did you do this on purpose?

Ashley: I was literally unaware of storyline when I did filmed the first couple of episodes. I didn’t know she was a pig. I didn’t know where the scratches came from; I just created the character with a little backstory and her own little secrets. And then the more and more I found out about her, the more layered and complex she became. So, innocence was there organically.

Ashley Jones True Blood Daphne And do you have a favorite charity?

Ashley: Yes I do. I work closely with a charity in LA that’s called Step Up Woman’s Network. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Ashley: It connects women with other women in different professions and helps them open the line of communication but most importantly, it connects professional women and underprivileged teens and young women with very young children to so they can see the reality of what they can become.

I just met my new mentee! Very nice, you get personal contact it’s not just something you send a check off to and forget about nine months out of the year … Thank you so much Ashley for your generous time!

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