Ashley Jones Interviewed by FHM

April 6, 2010 by  

In the May UK edition of For Him Magazine, Ashley Jones is one of the featured girls, showing off her sexy looks in a lingerie spread and her sweet, Southern charm with a homemade gumbo recipe.

Ashley, who played shapeshifter Daphne in the second season of True Blood, which is just now airing on the FX channel in the UK, has also been a star of the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful for years. She talks about the many, many hours she worked filming both shows at the same time, night and day:

“It’s amazing what the human body can tolerate and you just have to get on with it. I think it helped that I’m still young, single and don’t have kids, as any semblance of a private life went out the window.”

Ashley also shares some of the crazed fan mail she gets, including one guy who is “convinced my breasts are sending messages to him through the TV. I’m not quite sure what they’re actually saying to him. It’s pretty freaky.”

About her time on True Blood, Ashley says that personal experience as a waitress helped her get into the character of Daphne, and that some of the clumsiness and plate-dropping was naturally her. She also gives an interesting explanation about what her arrangement was for doing nudity on the show:

“When we got down to the final auditions I thought I wouldn’t get the part as the other two girls I was up against said they were okay with the nudity and I wasn’t comfortable in getting everything out. But luckily they went with me, it just meant I had to sign off on the nakedness.”

We are certainly glad that worked out, too, because she turned out to be the right actress for the part! It is also great to see Ashley getting more roles these days on television shows like FlashForward and The Mentalist .


(Photo credit:  Ashley Jones)