AUDIO: Kristin Bauer Speak About Saving The Whales

April 25, 2010 by  

True Blood‘s Kristin Bauer spoke with WTOP Radio while she was in Washington, DC during Earth Day to help IFAW – International Fund for Animal Welfare bring national awareness regarding the slaughter of whales due to the commercial whaling industry.

Kristin also spoke about her husband’s own efforts to support IFAW in saving the whales. Kristin’s husband, Abri van Straten is a musician, and he has written a song for IFAW in support of saving the whales and bringing attention to this cause.  The song is entitled “Voices From the Blue” and all the proceeds from the sale of the song will be given to IFAW to help fund their “Save the Whales” campaign. You can download the song for $1.99 here


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