AUDIO: Stephen Moyer on The Sherdog Radio Show

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Stephen Moyer took time out from his last day of shooting the season finale for season 3 of True Blood to do a live radio interview with Bruce Buffer on “IT’S TIME!!!” on The Sherdog Radio Network on Tuesday, June 29, 2010. Stephen was extremely charming on the show as he discussed the Bill/Lorena sex scene, vampire sex in general and his hectic schedule with other projects and appearances coming up. You must listen to this radio interview as Stephen is hilarious as he describes some unusual situations. Stephen‘s portion of the interview begins at the 21 minute mark.

Click here to listen to Stephen’s interview.


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  • lizzie1701

    Stephen was great on this radio segment! I just love his voice! How cute that he called Anna his “missus”! We use that term in OZ as well. The Radio announcers sure were fans of Stephen! Gee Stephen is going to be a busy boy this break with all that work booked! I hope he and his missus plus family will have time to have a holiday during their break from TB!

    Thanks Adore Bill! That was very enjoyable!

    • Nia

      Hi Lizzie, I hate being late but will always eventually get there for Stephen!!

      Awesome interview!! They had him talking for quite a while!! Yes he calls Anna his missus!! Too cute!!

      He also mentions Alex quite a few times in the beginning. What a good friend to share some talk time about Alex. Stephen is such a great guy.

      WOW, TJ is really a HUGE Bill fan!! Love it!!

      I enjoyed Stephens comments on TB in general. He said it is not really a show solely about vampires but a show about how people react in extraordinary situations and relationships.
      He also says that everyone is flawed even the heroes.

      Good for you Stephen!!
      Congratulations on another great interview!!

      YOU ROCK!!!!!!