A Busy Year for Carrie Preston

July 1, 2010

Carrie Preston, True Blood’s Arlene Fowler, has had a busy year working on True Blood, acting on several other movies, directing, and producing. Carrie sat down with Runway Magazine for a short interview and discussed some of her projects, favorite fashion designers, and fashion no-no’s.

For her character Arlene, True Blood fans will get to see a deeper and more emotional side of the normally erratic and humorous Merlotte’s server. Carrie says that Arlene is:

Grappling with something quite big and personal, so there will be more of an insight into how she deals with stress and pressure. She’s still serving up a lot of the humor of the show, but it was a nice change of pace for me to be asked to tap into a deeper well of emotions this season.

Carrie is also busy running her production company, Daisy 3 Pictures. The company has already produced two features and one short film, and will be teaming up with Locomotive to produce the screenplay “That’s What She Said” by Kellie Overbey, which Carrie will also be directing. Carrie describes it as “an East Village Sex and the City” and is a response to all the “men are boys” movies flooding the theaters (think… any Judd Apatow movie). As for being in front of the cameras, Carrie is also working on three movies: “What’s Wrong with Virginia,” with Jennifer Connelly, “A Bag of Hammers,” alongside Rebecca Hall and Jason Ritter, and “Sironia,” with Wes Cunningham.

While incredibly busy, Carrie notes that she is “someone who gets around fashion wise,” and lists her favorite designers as Catherine Malandrino, Nanette Lapore, Theory, and Betsey Johnson. Carrie says that, “they all tend to have silhouettes that are inventive, flattering and even a bit whimsical. Those are the designs I gravitate towards.” How can others make sure that their fashion choices are also flattering and whimsical?

Carrie notes that her top 3 fashion disaster rules are:

1) I think the micro-shorts where the bottom of the butt is hanging out just doesn’t look good on anyone no matter how rocking the glutes. The same goes for the thong bikinis. I think the rule there is to leave some things to the imagination; it’s sexier.

2) If someone’s fingernails can double as tools or weapons, they are too long.

3) Don’t wear long full jackets with long full skirts. I don’t think they look flattering, no matter the person’s body type.

With such a busy career, True Blood fans have several ways to get their Carrie fix: True Blood, or any of the movies Carrie will be directing and acting in this year.

SOURCE: Runway Magazine

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Evan Rachel Wood the new Face of Gucci Fragrance

June 25, 2010

Evan Rachel Wood, who plays True Blood’s Queen of Louisiana Sophie-Anne LeClerq, was chosen by Gucci creative director, Frida Giannini as the face of their upcoming fragrance.

During a short interview with WWD, Giannini says that:

I chose Evan Rachel Wood as she has a very strong character. She’s young, but rising and [an] influential figure. I didn’t want to offer this project to someone overexposed or too well known. Instead, I wanted a fresh individual that would coincide with the image of the project.

Details of the new fragrance have yet to be announced, but Giannini calls Evan “animated,” “vivacious,” and “sexy,” which may lead to a fun, flirtatious, and fresh fragrance.

SOURCE: Sleek Style

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Lindsay Pulsipher talks about Complex and Complicated Crystal Norris

June 13, 2010

Season 3 of True Blood has been so shrouded in secrecy that very little information about plot development, new characters, and story line have been discussed. Luckily for True Blood fans, new character addition Lindsay Pulsipher, who plays Crystal Norris, sat down with IESB for an interview about this upcoming season.

Crystal Norris is a new character that will be introduced in Season 3 as Jason Stackhouse’s, played by Ryan Kwanten, love interest. Crystal is considered a “crazy” and “complex” character who is both fun and challenging for Lindsay to play. Raised in a secluded meth cooking compound, Crystal led a reclusive and sheltered life until meeting Jason. While running errands in Bon Temps, Crystal becomes intrigued by Jason and for the first time in her life, she wants to know someone away from the compound. During their time together, Jason thinks that Crystal could be “the one” and begins to show her how great life can be outside of her terrible backwoods compound.

Crystal though, has a lot going on in her life and probably won’t be the “most well-received character.” For Lindsay, playing Crystal creates a mixture between highlighting Crystal’s crazy personality, but also creating empathy from the viewers by highlighting what a struggle life outside the compound is. As far was what Season 3 goes, the story line for Crystal will be focusing on her relationship with Jason and her struggle to adapt to living off the compound. For fans of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, a few changes will be evident when introducing Crystal: described as dark-haired and olive-skinned in the books, on film Crystal has light blond hair and light skin.

For Lindsay, playing Crystal on True Blood Season 3 has been a wild experience. Lindsay may be familiar to some fans- she played opposite of Patrick Swayze on the A&E series The Beast. After only two auditions in front of Alan Ball, Lindsay landed the role of Crystal. Throughout the filming of Season 3, Lindsay has learned more and more about Crystal as each new script becomes available.

Throughout the season now, I’m getting to know more and more about her. [Alan Ball is] really good at keeping us on our toes and keeping us guessing. Each script can be completely different and something new is brought in. They don’t really tell us beforehand. They don’t sit us down and say, “This is what’s going to happen with your character.” With each script, we just figure it out.

Lindsay hasn’t had the chance to work with some of our other favorite cast members, as Season 3 has three to four strong story lines occurring at the same time. Lindsay has spent the majority of her screen time with Ryan:

So far, most of my scenes have been with Ryan and a couple of new characters that haven’t been on the show yet. Ryan is such an amazing actor. He’s so good at what he does and he knows his character so well. It’s just really fun to watch him work because he’s very spontaneous and he knows exactly what Jason would do in each situation. I’ve learned a lot from watching him with his character.

Lindsay notes that Season 3 will be “richer” and more humorous than Season 1 and 2. From character development to the introduction of the were-animals, Lindsay notes that Season 3 will include much more character development:

Everybody is coming into their own. All the actors know their characters really well, at this point, and it’s just been really fun to watch. I think that everybody is going to love it and the fans are going to be really happy. All of the new characters are extremely colorful. It’s amazing. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

Crystal will definitely be an interesting and complicated character to follow this season. True Blood premieres on HBO this Sunday, June 13th!


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Deborah Ann Woll talks about Season 3 at the True Blood Premiere

June 10, 2010

PEOPLE Magazine caught up with Deborah Ann Woll on the red carpet at the Arclight Hollywood’s Cinema True Blood’s Season 3 premiere to find out more about what her character, Jessica, will be up to during Season 3.

Season 2 ended with Jessica viciously feeding from a trucker driver at a nondescript truck stop. Deborah notes that:

“She has to deal with the fact that she went off and ate a man, and then deal with the desire she has to eat even more human beings. How do you balance desire with what she is told is wrong? How do you say when it’s okay and when it’s not okay?”

So, what does human flesh taste like to a vampire? Deborah claims that it tastes a bit like “filet mignon with a little bit of salt and beer splattered on top,” and that we’ll get to see some new “cooking” techniques this season- like putting humans on an orange-only diet for two weeks before drinking from them.

Deborah was a little bit more secretive about Jessica’s relationship with Hoyt, highlighting that both of them have to get over some of their issues before their relationship can move forward:

“I have to get a little less bratty, and he may have to get out from under his mother’s control. So, we both have a long way to go for that to happen.”

As we all know, Season 3 will introduce fans to the lives of Louisiana’s werewolves, but Deborah mentions that we shouldn’t be too quick to judge the vampire/werewolf relationships: some surprising collaborations may occur.

True Blood Season 3 premieres this Sunday, June 13th at 9PM EST on HBO.


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Ryan Kwanten in InStyle’s Sexiest of Summer Issue

May 29, 2010

InStyle Magazine photographed a dozen of Hollywood’s sexiest stars for their annual Sexy summer issue. Although vampires may not prefer the hot, sunny summer days, three of InStyle’s sexiest are some of our favorite vampires!

Kellan Lutz, Twilight’s Emmett Cullen, and Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen, were both included into this summer’s sexiest stars. And of course, Ryan Kwanten, True Blood’s Jason Stackhouse, lays poolside for his InStyle Sexy summer photoshoot.

Although Ryan offers fans some eye candy, he notes that photoshoots are definitely not his favorite part of the job:

“I will be keeping my shirt on [for this shoot]. You get enough of that in the show. The Aborigines have a philosophy that photos steal your soul, so I haven’t loved photo shoots, but have come to realize they’re a necessary evil in my business.”

Click here for Ryan’s online-only photos. The full story and photoshoot will be available  in the InStyle’s June issue, which is out now.


InStyle Magazine

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Special Features on True Blood Season 2 Blu-Ray Discs

May 27, 2010

As most True Blood fans know, the second season DVD set is now available! While some fans may re-watch their favorite episodes or have a viewing party with some friends, others will be able to live feed their viewing experience on Facebook and Twitter. The new Blu-Ray Disc addition of season two enables automatic updates to social networking sites, uploads scenes directly from the discs, transform normal photographs into True Blood-inspired user pictures, and receive virtual gifts, such as a vampire royalty crown.

After the discs are inserted into an internet-connected Blu-Ray player, fans can watch a video about the Live Feed and are able to choose one of the three factions to join: Vampire, the Fellowship of the Sun, or a Maenad. After, you can choose what photos you want to be transformed- for example, if you choose “Vampire” your user picture will grow pale and blood will begin to drizzle down your chin. Additionally, your Facebook and Twitter status’ will automatically be updated about your progress in the series, such as “(your name) just came out of the coffin to watch Episode 1.”

HBO‘s Sofia Chang notes that these “extras” were added to the discs because of fans unwavering love for the series:

“For True Blood, we have such engaged and passionate fans that we really wanted to provide them with a way to extend the fiction beyond what they see in the show and share that passion with their friends.

True Blood’s Season 2 Blu-Ray Facebook feature is said to be the most extensive social networking feature ever on Blu-Ray! As some of the most passionate fans out there, True Blood fans are definitely in for a treat with all the different DVD options out there!  Season 2 was released on May 25th and is available in both DVD and Blu-Ray. The DVD set is $32.99 and the Blu-Ray set is $39.99 (new on Amazon.com). True Blood: The Complete Second Season (HBO Series) [Blu-ray]


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Ryan Kwanten’s Fashion Spread in Glamour Magazine

May 6, 2010

True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse, is featured in May’s Glamour Magazine’s 100 Nights of Summer Hotness fashion shoot. Ryan is featured wearing this summer’s latest styles including Alternative Apparel, Ralph Lauren, and What Goes Around Comes Around.

During the short interview, Ryan notes that he’s broken several bones and claims that “trouble just seems to find me.” While the photo shoot is a serene pictorial near the sea, Ryan is styled as somewhat of a bad boy- wearing traditional Levi’s and white Hanes shirts accompanied with stylish Ray-Bans and motorcycles.

Although Ryan admits that he showed up to the fashion shoot wearing Incredible Hulk boxers, fans will be pleasantly surprised with this stylized summertime photo shoot!

You can view the fashion spread here.

SOURCE: Glamour Magazine

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Charlaine Harris Talks About “True Blood” and the Future of the Series

May 3, 2010

Charlaine Harris recently sat down with The Trades for a casual interview and discussed topics ranging from upcoming plot changes to her reaction to “True Blood,” HBO’s adaptation of her books. Two things are immediately noted,  that Charlaine is not like one of the characters from her books, but is a Southern belle from Magnolia, Ark., and her books take place close to this region in the South.

The interview begins on what could be an awkward foot, but Charlaine immediately dismisses the idea that focusing her series in the South is an “audacious move” by discussing her decision to use northern Louisiana as a setting:

“I loved Anne Rice’s books, but she had already used up the southern parts. So I thought it would be funny to set my books in the northern part, and to bounce off of her brooding romantic vampires and be a little more prosaic in my approach.”

Of course, Charlaine’s depictions of brooding romance do differ from Rice’s, especially in the HBO series “True Blood” where romance is accompanied with graphic sex scenes. When asked if she was surprised by how much more graphic the show was than her books, Charlaine laughs and says, “Oh boy was I surprised!” This is in part because the books are told from Sookie‘s first person perspective, which could not be easily translated into television.

“Alan [Ball] and I had discussed [the differences] extensively ahead of time. For one thing, the books are in the first person, and obviously you can’t film a television show that way. For another thing, I knew it was HBO, and I also knew that things I had said in the books, but the reader hadn’t seen them … It’s just a completely different experience. I mean, you know Jason is a horndog in the books, but that’s very different from seeing him do it! So I was very startled at first, until I thought, “You know, that’s really the truth of the character I’m seeing.”

Of course, a lot of the attention has gone to fan favorite Eric Northman, played by Alexander Skarsgard, which was definitely a surprise to Charlaine.

“Eric turned out to be more popular than I expected, but the books are still going the way I planned on them going, regardless of the popularity of one character over another.”

Although Eric’s popularity wasn’t expected, Charlaine claims that the show hasn’t influenced her writing. Because she is eight stories ahead of the televisions how, Charlaine says that any influences would have to be purely unconscious.

But, despite the wishes of some hopeful fans that Sookie and Eric will remain together, Charlaine remains somewhat elusive, noting that she does know how the series will ultimately end and who Sookie will be with, but will it be a vampire or not remains to be seen.

With two more books in the works, and the possibility of extending the series, Charlaine is tightlipped on who, or what, Sookie will be with at the series close.

In the meantime, Charlaine is considering pursuing a few different writing projects while also editing an anthology of short stories this year that she and Toni Kelner have been working on for the past three to four years.

Charlaine Harris‘ 10th book, “Dead In The Family” comes out tomorrow, Tuesday, May 4, 2010 so get ready to hit your favorite bookstore!

SOURCE: The Trades

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True Blood Almost had Alternate Opening Song

April 29, 2010

The opening sequence of True Blood has become an integral and recognizable aspect of the show. For fans, the sequence is a humorous mixture of menace, sexuality, and of course, anticipation. Interestingly, the use of Jace Everett’s Bad Things” was originally just a temporary track that Alan Ball liked, while Gary Calamar, the music supervisor for True Blood, searched for the perfect song.

This little tidbit of information was discussed at the Sync Up Conference in New Orleans that ran simultaneously to Jazz Fest as a local professional-development outreach endeavor by the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation. Gary Calamar’s panel, “Creating Music For Film and Television“, included Treme music supervisor Blake Leyh, Better Than Ezra’s Kevin Griffin, and “Icons Among Us: Jazz in the Present Tense” producer, John W. Comerford.

While the visuals were created for the opening sequence by Digital Kitchen, it was up to Calamar “to find the song,” while Jace Everett’sBad Things” was considered just a temporary track. Calamar discussed that C.C. Adcock, a New Orleans Jazz Festival favorite, was in the running with his song “Bleed 2 Feed“, which Adcock submitted himself. Calamar notes:

He’s a great musician and a great – I don’t know if hustler is the right word — hustler in the best sense of the word.

Of course, as we all know, “Bad Things” went from being a temporary placeholder to one of the most recognizable aspects of the show. Luckily, C.C. Adcock’s song was later used in the first-season’s soundtrack.

In the end, True Blood fans received the best possible outcome: “Bad Things” as our episodic sing-a-long and “Bleed 2 Feed” on the soundtrack Calamar facilitated.

SOURCE: Nola.com

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Alexander Skarsgard To Attend Metropia Premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival

April 21, 2010

Although it is one of the most highly anticipated film festivals of the year, there’s another reason to clear your schedule and make it to this year’s Tribeca Film Festival: Alexander Skarsgård will be attending the premiere of his Feature Narrative film Metropia.

Alexander has confirmed with AlexSkarsgard.Net that he will be at the premiere this Saturday, April 24 at the Village East Cinema in New York City at 10:30pm. Currently, no advanced tickets to the premiere are available, but fear not- you can still purchase RUSH TICKETS:

Rush ticket lines will form approximately 60 minutes prior to scheduled event times at the venue. Admission will begin approximately 15 minutes before program start time based on availability. RUSH Tickets are priced as noted above, except at the BMCC TribecaPAC Theater where all RUSH Sales will be half price at $8.00.

If you are unable to attend the premiere this Saturday, tickets are still available to see Metropia this Sunday, April 25, at 11:45PM at the Village East Cinema 1 in New York City, you can buy tickets here for $8.

Not in the New York area? Metropia is one of the films that will be available on Video On Demand while simultaneously premiering in New York.

Beginning April 21, all 12 titles will be available in up to 40 million homes via cable and satellite systems, including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Cox Communications, Verizon FiOS, Bright House Networks, RCN, and Bresnan Communications.  Subscribers will be able to access all films at affordable price points in the “Tribeca Film” category of their Movies On Demand channel and/or via pay-per-view offerings.

Good luck to those of you lucky enough to be in NYC this Saturday! For more information about Metropia and the film Open House, starring Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, also to be premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, see my article Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, and Alexander Skarsgård in the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival.



Tribeca Film Festival

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