True Blood’s Anna Paquin On Live With Regis And Kelly

July 22, 2009

In case you missed this mornings interview with Anna Paquin On Live With Regis And Kelly, Anna plays Sookie Stackhouse on Alan Ball’s True Blood. As promised here is the video from the show with Anna, taped last Friday, and aired this morning. Anna was sure to be back in Los Angeles for yesterdays celebrity soccer match where her boyfriend and on screen costar Stephen Moyer, True Blood’s Bill Compton was playing.


In Depth Interview With Anna Paquin By Lorien Haynes

July 22, 2009

Stephen Moyer, Anna PaquinLorien Haynes a freelance writer from the U.K. was in Los Angeles where she did an in depth interview with Anna Paquin of Alan Ball’s True Blood. She was able to get Anna to open up and give us so many perspectives on Anna’s life from her start as a child actor, growing up balancing childhood and fame, the grounding of family, and of course Anna’s coping with the wide spread popularity of True Blood. Lorien also had the wonderful luck of experiencing her first earthquake a 5.0.
In Lorien’s article titled “Rising vamp: Anna Paquin back in the limelight” she opens her article with this:

“Since her Oscar-winning performance in The Piano at the age of 11, Anna Paquin has worked hard and kept her head down.
So how is the reluctant A-lister coping with the phenomenal success of cult vampire series True Blood? Anna Paquin arrives at Gjelina’s, her favorite LA restaurant, on a pale pink pushbike, asks for her usual lemonade, smiles and starts to chatter. Not nervous, over-your-head chatter, but wry, offbeat, barbed wit.”

Anna responds to the term chatty referring to her past as quiet and shy in her own words she replies:

“Chattiness ‘is what people least expect of me, I know,’ says Anna. ‘At one point, in my early 20s, I was so shy that people were surprised I actually spoke.’ Since winning an Oscar at only 11 for The Piano, Anna, now 26, has had a consistent and acclaimed career – from Zeffirelli’s Jane Eyre, via Almost Famous, to Spike Lee’s 25th Hour, The Squid and the Whale, and as Rogue (the superheroine whose kiss kills) in the X-Men franchise – but has avoided the public eye. She rarely gives interviews and even more rarely talks about her private life. Her reputation is, she confesses, ‘Being incredibly serious about my work”

Lorien also mentions on the popularity of the show:

“Since it first screened in the US last autumn, the show has become HBO’s third highest-rated series after The Sopranos and Sex and the City, and Anna is now constantly recognized and papped.”

On what Lorien feels made the show a success:

True Blood taps into the current vogue for vampires instigated by the hit film Twilight. Anna feels it reflects the need for a secular society to believe in something ‘other’, although the bottom line, she admits, is that a vampire storyline has a ‘dark, dangerous, brooding sexuality’ to it. Sexual chemistry is arguably what has made True Blood such a success. Anna’s SookieBill Compton, a vampire whose thoughts she cannot read, played by British actor Stephen Moyer (Ny-Lon, Lilies, Quills).” falls for

On what appeals to Anna about the character of Sookie:

“The character appeals to Anna’s ‘serious actress’ side because she’s a ‘kick-ass female action lead’, she says. ‘Usually [in dramas] things happen to the girl and around the girl and here she’s right in the center of it and does a good job holding her own. She’s a very complex and beautifully structured character. How many actresses get to say that?”

On Settling down and finding a place for herself Anna says:

“She loves the laid-back vibe of Venice, and the beach: ‘It reminds me of home in New Zealand.’ Anna’s older brother, film producer Andrew, 32, lives in LA, too, ‘So there is family,’ she smiles.” The relief with which she describes her happiness is a reminder that Anna has worked solidly for the past 18 years and rarely had what she could call a consistent life of her own.”

When Anna talks on the support of her family and how they helped to keep her grounded:

“My parents, firstly, because they took a conservative approach with me, so I was never overexposed and work never became a chore. And secondly because I have always valued being taken seriously at work and you don’t get that unless you behave [appropriately]. I was the most serious 15-year-old ever, but that was my happy place. I was a very good girl wanting to do a good job.”

Lorien mentions how becoming a famous actress so young and how she must of missed out on childhood:

“You can’t help but feel, though, that she must have missed out somewhere by growing up so quickly. ‘Yes of course I did,’ she admits. ‘I was always quite shy and learned quickly how to behave like an adult in an adult world. But I have a Hello Kitty bike now, thank you. I might not have had it when I was eight but, hell, I appreciate it so much more now.”

There is so much more to read in this article it was impossible to summarize it, it gives so much introspective into Anna’s life then and now. It  also talk about the stability of her life and settling down with her co-star and boyfriend Stephen Moyer who plays True Blood’s vampire Bill Compton it is a must read!
Lorien Haynes full article is available at:

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Reminder Anna Paquin On Live With Regis And Kelly

July 22, 2009

True Bloods’ Anna Paquin is wrapping up her interviews with the last of three appearances .
The taping for Live With Regis and Kelly which she did last week is being aired tomorrow morning Wednesday, July 22, 2009 at 9:00am ET on the ABC network
remember to set your DVR’s


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Reminder Stephen Moyer Playing In Celebrity Soccer Match Today!

July 21, 2009

true_blood_new_season_2_photos_bill Just a reminder for fans out in L.A. Stephen Moyer who plays Bill Compton in Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood is scheduled to attend and play in a celebrity soccer match today
the celebrity soccer match is scheduled for Today Tuesday July 21st at 6pm followed at 8pm by the Chelsea FC vs Inter Milan match. International Singing Sensation, Andy will be performing at the haltftime show.
the original article including events :

For tickets:

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Anna Paquin Warns Of Online Imposters

July 21, 2009

anna_paquin_2453379True Blood’s Anna Paquin warns of befriending online impostors claiming to be her. Although Ms. Paquin does have real accounts, she logs onto social networking sites under fake names to keep in touch with friends.
Anna says:

“I have a private Facebook page that’s obviously not listed as Anna Paquin but there is also somebody on Facebook who is pretending to be me. In the last month I’ve been ‘engaged’, I’ve been in the hospital and evidently my ‘manager’, who is indeed writing on it, can’t spell or use grammar. They have this whole world going about me, and things that I’ve said and pictures of the ring when I got ‘engaged’. It’s awesome.”

This may not be groundbreaking True Blood news but I felt it important for us to put out there. The idea of impostors posing as celebrities although for some may seem like harmless role playing, you never really know the individuals motives or mental state of being.
We do not  know of any public networking sites for the stars of True Blood to directly interact with the public, and suggest you befriend responsible fan sites of the actor or actress of which you’re a fan.

The article on Ms.Paquin finishes with this:

” Take a close look at pictures posted by hackers before befriending her online – insisting she’d never upload photos of herself from the tabloids.
In a sarcastic rant, she adds, “Obviously, if it were my Facebook page I would use paparazzi and magazine pictures of myself, because I’m just that conceited.”

To view the full article:

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Anna Paquin Signing Autographs After Regis And Kelly

July 20, 2009

normal_anna-paquin_100Video footage of True Blood’s Anna Paquin signing autographs for fans after taping Regis and Kelly, New York City. You have to give Anna credit the atmosphere seems a bit claustrophobic, however she remained gracious as she took pictures and signed for her fans.
The video for Anna’s appearance on Regis and Kelly is not yet available, I will post it once it goes up for those of you who missed the show.

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Vampire Con 1 First Ever Vamp Culture Convention

July 20, 2009

vcon_800x600The First Vampire themed festival “Vampire Con” is a weekend long festival that kicks off in Hollywood, California August 14-16 Vampire culture has certainly taken off and this sounds like a great event for vampire fans to connect with other like-minded folks.  There is an entire weekend of scheduled events.  Each event listed will be hot linked to make navigation easy.  The event’s website will be linked at the bottom  of this article where you can join an email list and keep on top of the updates.  It looks to me like this event is just starting to gear up with more fun stuff being added daily.

If anyone goes and would like to report back to and send pics we would love to have someone inside, updating us on all the on-going fun at this first ever LA vampire convention!

The two night film festival, on Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th of August, will be at the Beverly Cinema and will consist of feature films only.  The one day convention on Sunday is where the panels, vendors, and entertainment will take place.

Event Listings are as follows:


Friday and Saturday August 14th and 15th:
New Beverly Cinema 7165 West Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Tickets are $7.00 (cash only) Tickets to be purchased at the
New Beverly Cinema

Sunday August 16th: 10:30am – 5:00pm
The Music Box Theatre @ Fonda,6126 Hollywood Blvd.,  Los Angeles, CA 90028
Tickets $15.00 in advance,$20.00 at the door. Panel Discussions to include:
( start times to be confirmed )

Moderator: (to be announce)
Panel Guests: ( to be announced )

Moderator: (to be announced)
Panel Guests: Pam Keesey, Author, Dark Angels: Lesbian Vampire Erotica and Daughters of Darkness: Lesbian Vampire Tales
From the cast of HERE TV’s The Lair:
Brian Nolan
David Moretti
Dylan Vox
Peter Stickles
(more panelists to be announced)


Takes place the evening of August 16th 8:30pm-1:00am the event is 21 and over valid ID is required Ticket prices for Vampirella’s Ball are $30.00 in advance and $35.00 at the door the location is The Music Box Theatre @Fonda 6126 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028. Special guest DJ for the event is Gary Calamar, Music Supervisor Of  HBO’s TRUE BLOOD.

click to purchase tickets for various events

Vampire Con 2009 Home Page

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Hand Sculpted Bill Compton Doll By Nina Mason

July 20, 2009

Nina Mason is an incredibly talented artist. Nina hand crafts dolls and recently created a doll modeled from Bill Compton, one of the lead characters in Alan Ball‘s hit series True Blood on HBO. In Nina’s blog, Nina Mason’s Dolls: Figures Inspired by Art, History and Literature, she discusses all the intricate details that go into her work. She also shares the specifics of her thought processes as she was working on her Bill Compton piece.

What she did not realize was all the attention she would get when she premiered her work. Enjoy and don’t forget to send Nina some positive feedback after reading her blog.  Here is the link:




(photo credit and artwork: Nina Mason)


SPOILERS True Blood’s Stephen Moyer Talks to TV Guide

July 20, 2009

090717stephenmoyer2In a TV Guide interview, Adam Bryant talked with Stephen Moyer on his role as brooding Vampire Bill Compton on Alan Ball’s True Blood.  Adam ponders that being in the hit series is “not such a bad place to be?” but then mentions that Stephen’s character of Bill fades away in Charlaine Harris’s third installment of the Sookie Stackhouse novels upon which the series is based.  Citing the survival of Lafayette, [Editor’s note: SPOILER for those of you who did not read the book Lafayette, played by Nelsan Ellis, dies at the end of the first book] Adam points out that Alan has already deviated from the book series.

Stephen rejects the posibility that Vampire Bill will disappear from the series next year, pointing out: 

That gives Alan the opportunity to invent something. Just like last season with the V trips — they had to invent that. And they’re very good at it. So I’m confident that however they keep him there, they’ll make Bill’s story interesting.”

Stephen also discussed with TV guide Eric Northman’s (played by Alexander Skarsgard) increasing interest in Sookie, Vampire Hierarchy, and some insight into Alex’s character of Eric Northman:

“Toward the end of the season, we’re going to see the hierarchy taken almost to its peak,” he says. “We’re going to meet the monarchy, if you will. Last year, we met the grand judge of Louisiana, and this year we’re going to meet the monarch of Texas. But he’s not the monarch of America. It’s kind of an almost feudal system. I love the idea of this incredibly detailed society in which manners are very important as to how you relate to people that are above you.”

Teasing the ‘shipper fans of Sookie and BillStephen says:

“You can’t watch two characters be happy in love for 12 episodes,” Moyer says. “That would be extremely dull. I do know that [a separation is] going to happen. The writers will do what’s best for the show. And who’s to say they won’t create a character for Bill to love? I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the writers’ room.”

We would too!

To read more of Adam Bryant’s Article, here is the link:

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True Blood In The UK: “It’s Brilliant; It’s Filthy”

July 19, 2009

bill_compton_season_1How can you not love an article on your favorite show with that kind of intro! Caitlan Moran of The Times Online in the UK, wrote a colorful review [Author’s Note: which I loved] Of  Alan Ball’s True Blood.
Here are few tidbits from the article and what the author had to say in his review of the show.

“It’s brilliant; and it’s filthy. Set in the fictional north Louisiana town of Bon Temps — all bayou, margaritas, Spanish moss and hot pants — True Blood exists in a fractionally different world from ours, where the development of synthetic blood, and the Vampire Rights Amendment, mean that vampires live openly in Scandinavia, and the US. Angelina Jolie has adopted a vampire baby.”

If there was a ‘best description’ competition his discription of Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill Compton, would have won it saying:

“Nonetheless, when Bill Compton’s (Stephen Moyer) smokin’ piece of undead ass walks into Merlotte’s Bar, it’s the first vampire the backwater town has ever seen. “That is trouble, looking for a place to happen,” says Tara, one of the barmaids and, coincidentally, the “Categorically Most Enjoyably Arsey Woman” ever to have been portrayed on screen.”

I love this authors take when he walks the readers through the show. On the shows sex and sexiness the writer had this to say:

“And as for the sex — well, as one of the bar regulars says: “I read in Hustler that everyone should have sex with a vampire before they die.” Within the first 20 minutes of True Blood, there’s groping on the sofa, rough sex on the edges of beds, coupling on a dressing-table as mirrors break and perfume bottles go flying, and erotoasphyxiation in the front room. Combined with the simultaneously woozy and hyper-real Kodachrome cinematography — the trees drip, the sky is mad with stars, Paquin’s bum has very little room for manoeuvre in those hot pants — if you don’t feel troubled and restless at the beginning of the show, you surely will by the end.”

Here is what I will leave you with, the full article can be read by hitting the link, but if you are going to comment on their site: NO SPOILERS! Don’t ruin their fun discovering the show as we did here in the USA!

“Vampires, in other words, live in a state of crack-like, obsessive love. Their sensuality is so highly pitched, it spills over into the human world like the pollen off the bayou, and makes any forthcoming box-set an absolutely terrible idea to watch with your parents.”


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