Love for Luna: Meet One of True Blood Season 4’s New Characters

March 13, 2011

Meet and Greet with Luna

New TrueBlood cast member Janina Gavankar sat down with Inside TrueBlood to briefly dish about Luna, the schoolteacher she plays in the upcoming Season 4 of True Blood. Like all the members of the True Blood cast, she’s careful about what details she reveals.

However, we can be confident that Luna and Sam Merlotte (played by Sam Trammell) are thrown together from the start and that romance is in the air for Bon Temps favorite bar owner. As is evidenced by this clip. Gavankar reveals she’s worked mostly with Sam and that her second day of shooting was actually a night shoot in freezing cold weather. She also says Lafayette is her favorite character and that she’s Team Bill.

Says Gavankar of what fans will like about the Luna story line:

“I think they’ll enjoy watching a nice girl from outside of Bon Temps fall for Sam Merlotte. I know there are plenty of fans who would love him to find a nice girl… Luna could be that person!”

For the full interview see the source link below. What do you think about Luna thus far? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Inside True Blood Blog -Getting to Know Luna

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Sam Trammell Loves . . . Flossy?

March 4, 2011

Man’s Best Friend

Sam Trammell's dogTrue Blood‘s Sam Trammell, who plays bar owner and shape-shifter Sam Merlotte, is a dog lover (no surprise!) who confessed to the website PeoplePets that he’s fallen for his girlfriend’s West Highland Terrier, Flossy. The dog belonged to Trammell’s girlfriend before they met, so it was essential that he secure Flossy’s affections, too.

This is [a] little dog that walks tall and proud and although small in size will stand up to whatever breed faces him. This does not mean that they will start fights but they won’t necessarily run away from one either. West Highland terriers are happy go lucky dogs that are quite outgoing and love being alongside their human friends. Some may say that this little dog will often consider itself to be bigger than it is as it will often make a good guard dog as he will often warn off strangers but will be friendly when the owner shows him that there is no danger.

Falling for Flossy

According to PeoplePets:

Trammell had his hands full from day one. “Flossy needed a little structure and a little disciplining,” he said with a laugh. “She was crazy.”

With a dog that adorable, it’s no surprise Trammell fell in love!

Sources:  PeoplePets– “Sam Trammell Has a Cat-Like Dog”– “West Highland Terrier”

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True Blood’s Anna Paquin To Lend Voice Talents on Popular Show Phineas And Ferb

February 23, 2011

Star-Crossed Lovers

Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) will be providing her voice talents for a Season 3 episode of the popular Disney animated show Phineas & Ferb.

According to, Paquin will play a star-crossed lover in a vampire/werewolfstoryline. Season 3 premieres on Disney on March 4, 2011. The series features the summertime adventures of two stepbrothers and their nemesis sister, Candace. Phineas & Ferb is the number one animated series in several categories for kids aged 6-14.

Variety calls her appearance an “homage” to her True Blood role. Obviously the casting couldn’t be more perfect!

Sources:– “Phineas & Ferb Season 3 Premieres on March 4, 2011”
Variety– “Starry guests gather for ‘Phineas'”

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Denis O’Hare’s Eagle Lands February 11

January 27, 2011

O’Hare as a Legionnaire in The Eagle

Should I mention what a fan I am of movies with Roman soldiers in them? I am holding back the inner squeee! Barely. The February 11 theatrical release of The Eagle is all the more thrilling because True Blood‘s Denis O’Hare stars in the film in the role of Lutorius. The movie also stars Channing Tatum and is directed by Kevin MacDonald.

About The Eagle

The story of The Eagle is loosely based on the Legio IX Hispana(the Ninth Spanish Legion) which was eventually posted to what is now Great Britain and is thought to have disappeared in about AD 117. The movie is an adaptation of Rosemary Sutcliff’s 1954 novel The Eagle of the Ninth. According to

In 140 AD, two men – master and slave – venture beyond the edge of the known world on a dangerous and obsessive quest that will push them beyond the boundaries of loyalty and betrayal, friendship and hatred, deceit and heroism….

20 years earlier, Rome’s 5,000-strong Ninth Legion, under the command of Flavius Aquila, marched north carrying their treasured golden Eagle emblem. They never returned; Legion and Eagle simply vanished into the mists.

. . . Flavius’ son Marcus (Tatum), determined to restore the tarnished reputation of his father, is galvanized into action. Accompanied only by his slave Esca (Bell), Marcus sets out into the vast and dangerous highlands of Scotland – to confront its savage tribes, make peace with his father’s memory, and retrieve the hallowed Eagle. Along the way Marcus realizes that the mystery of his father’s disappearance may well be linked to the secret of his own slave’s identity and loyalty – a secret all the more pressing when the two come face-to-face with the warriors of the fearsome Seal Prince (Tahar Rahim).


For more about the movie and some great scenes and commentary check out the featurette. You can see O’Hare at about 2:45, by the way.

I know I’m going to be in the theater getting my Legionnaire fix. How about you?

Photo Credit: Focus Features, copyright Matt Nettheim
Featurette Source: Focus Features


Janina Gavankar Drops Hints about True Blood’s Shape-Shifters

January 24, 2011

Gavankar Talks Shape-Shifters and Life Before True Blood

Janina GavankarDuring an interview with Accidental Sexiness the terrifically talented Janina Gavankar (Luna) talked about True Blood and her work as a musician and an actor. She also dropped some hints about the future of shape-shifters on the HBO series.

Gavankar, recently cast as shape-shifting high school teacher Luna did not think she would be an actor. In fact, she was concentrating on her musical career before she discovered acting. While she does still sing, Janina says:

“I think it’s pretty obvious that I’ve chosen acting. I make music because I have to. If I don’t, I go crazy. That’s kind of the balance, acting is the focus, music is something that just comes naturally. I do whatever is natural to me.”

You may have seen her in such shows as The L word, ABC’s The Gates, The League and Traffic Light.

Will Shape-Shifters Unite in Season Four?

We will definitely be learning more about True Blood’s shape-shifters since according to Gavankar, Sam (Sam Trammell) and Luna find a shape-shifter support group. But will something develop between Luna and Sam, the shape-shifting owner of Merlotte’s? She adores working with Sam Trammell but Gavankar plays coy:

“Luna and Sam like each other right now and that’s all I am going to say.”

Yes, she’s tight-lipped about the specifics of any relationship that might occur between her and Sam, but she also has this to say:

“I have no problem with sex scenes that move the story lines along and show the true nature of humans, as opposed to sex scenes for sex scenes. I have no problem with nudity, I don’t think there’s any problem with the human body.”

Gavankar and True Blood

Before Gavankar was cast as Luna, she hadn’t seen the HBO series. But since then she’s watched every episode and counts herself a fan.

“Now, I’m such a fan, I’m worried about, even though I know what’s happening, I’m still very worried about Lafayette, Tara is having problems, I’m very concerned about everyone even though I know where they are in the next season.”

As for the books, since the series has made some departures from author Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampires books, Gavankar has decided to put off reading them for now so that she doesn’t end up distracted by the differences between the two.

I think we’ll all be looking forward to finding out more about Sam and Luna and True Blood’s shape-shifting community!

Source: Accidental Sexiness -“True Blood newbie Janina Gavankar gives insight into Luna”

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Tanya Wright to Appear at Literary Tea

January 3, 2011

13th Annual African-American Writers & Readers Literary Tea

Tanya WrightOn January 17, 2011, True Blood’s talented Tanya Wright (Kenya Jones) will appear at New York State’s Westchester Library’s 13th Annual African-American Writers & Readers Literary Tea along with authors Yvonne Thornton (The Ditchdigger’s Daughters) and Dolan Perkins-Valdez (Wench: A Novel).

Not only does Tanya portray the no-nonsense, Officer Kenya Jones on True Blood, she’s an author, screenwriter and will make her directorial debut with the film version of her novel.

At the Literary Tea, Vassar educated Tanya will be speaking about her novel, Butterfly Rising:

Lilah Belle has always been a trifle odd to folks in her tiny town of Lucasville; a “singer who didn’t sing no more,” Lilah is prone to dancing in the streets, dressing outlandishly and weaving fantastic stories. But when her beloved brother dies suddenly, Lilah’s grief sends her into a topsy turvy tailspin. Desperate to escape her painful new reality, she hits the road with the unlikeliest of travelling companions: Rose Johnson, a newcomer whose scandalous behavior in the small, sleepy town has branded her a scarlet woman. Anxious to escape their bleak realities, the women strike out in a stolen vintage pickup truck, barreling toward a fated encounter with the mythical, magical Lazarus of the Butterflies. Legend has it that Lazarus can “heal you and make your dreams come true.” The adventure that unfolds will transform their destinies, binding Lilah and Rose together forever. Richly evocative, Butterfly Rising is a timeless tale of friendship and courage, etched with pain and joy

If you’re in the Westchester area, be sure to reserve your place for this worthy cause.

Source: Westchester Library

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Kevin Alejandro’s HOT Bello Mag Photo Spread!

January 1, 2011

True Blood’s ‘Jesus’ Turns the Heat Way Up:

Kevin Alejandro, Jesus on True Blood, on the cover of BELLO Magazine

True Blood‘s Kevin Alejandro (Jesus Velasquez) is on the cover of of BELLO Mag, Issue #20, along with a smoking hot photo spread and an in-depth, candid interview in which he credits the love and support of his family, wife and friends for the fact that he is living his ‘dream life.’

He got here he says, by believing in ‘(dreaming) big and being persistent.’

Kevin’s life before Hollywood beckoned started in the small town of Synder in west-central Texas where he was born and raised. Despite his love of the California oceanside, he says he would love to one day have a ranch in the Lone Star State. A home in New York and a small island in Costa Rica, where he and his wife were married, are also on his list of places he’d like to live.

James Dean Said It All:

The feature’s tag line for the Bello photo interview with Kevin is, ‘Rebel Without a Cause,’ which is a reference to two of Kevin’s favorite quotes from that most famous of rebels, the brainy but reckless actor James Dean. Here’s how Kevin describes his feelings about Dean’s philosophy:

Kevin Alejandro in Bello Mag (James Dean quote)

Despite Kevin’s obvious respect for the late actor, his frequent profession of deep love for his wife and family and his desire to raise his son as he was raised, with ‘manners and respect for his elders,’ do belie the straight-shooting family man that he is.

Kevin Alejandro, Jesus on True Blood, in BELLO MagA Sexy, Stylized Photo Spread:

A word about the photo spread. There’s something for everyone here. (Seen here in the online version). The photographs are stunningly sexy and gorgeous to look at and a number are highly stylized with Kevin dressed and posed to emulate James Dean’s well-known look offscreen and in the three films he made before dying in a high-speed, one-car auto accident. (Note: requires Adobe Flash)

Source: Bello Mag – BELLO MAG #20 (cover preview) – True Blood’s : Kevin Alejandro

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True Blood Men on Shortlist

December 23, 2010

Shortlist Amusement with the Men of True Blood

ShortlistLocateTV asked to take a look at a new feature on their website called shortlists. Well, you bet! Any excuse to play around, especially when it has something to do with True Blood.

What’s a shortlist? According to LocateTV:

With the new feature, you can build your own themed lists of TV shows, film and people. You can also rate and comment on other people’s lists and share them with your friends. You can put shortlists together using any TV show, movie or person on LocateTV: pick a theme for a shortlist you would like to build click the “create your shortlist” button search for the TV, movies or people you want to add to your shortlist drag’n’drop their image into the shortlist bar at the bottom of the page (or click the “Add” menu and select “Add to my Shortlist”) when you have made your selections, hit the “publish and comment” button to share your list with the world.

There are about a dozen shortlist themes so far, with the promise of more to come. While it’s not yet possible to create your own theme, you can suggest themes to the site. (I suggested My Favorite Television Supernaturals.)

After looking through the shortlist themes, I decided to have some True Blood fun with the Celebs I’d Like to Datetheme since it was easy to think of my shortlist-in-the-making as being organized around a slightly different theme. My True Blood bias is obvious, I’m afraid. Considering that I have the attention span of a two-year old, for me to succeed at creating a shortlist, the process was going to have to be both obvious and easy. And it was. And that means . . . taa dah!

I created my very own shortlist consisting of 10 of the male cast members of True Blood.  (Ten is the maximum number of items for a shortlist.) The images used to populate a shortlist come from the LocateTV site itself. This means you can immediately drag and drop the relevant image to your shortlist. Dead easy, even for me, and I over-think everything while overlooking huge glowing buttons that say Click Here. The downside, however, is that you are limited to images provided by the site. More on that in a bit.

A shortlist of True Blood Actors

Take a look at my shortlist here.  My list is ordered alphabetically by first name, by the way. If you have a look, you’ll see you can vote up or down the actors I elected to include, as well as comment on the awesomeness of my shortlist. Or disagree. Or make your own. Frankly, I think mine will be hard to beat, but don’t let that discourage you from trying!

Fun but With a Few Shortcomings

One of the current shortcomings is immediately and glaringly apparent; no pictures available for four of the ten actors on my list. There were images for Alexander Skarsgard, James Frain, Joe Manganiello, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten and Sam Trammell, but none available for Denis O’Hare, for example. Or any of the others I selected.

Another issue, though some may disagree, is that others can’t vote on your list unless they are registered users. I tweeted about my list after I was done, and that registration requirement proved to be a roadblock for some people. So, be warned, registration is required to vote on my awesome shortlist. There are a few other hiccups I noted but nothing major.

Shortlists in Conclusion

I had fun creating my shortlist and it’s easy to share yours via social networks like Facebook, Twitter and the like. The lack of picture availability is an issue I hope to see resolved soon.

Go forth and vote for my shortlist of True Blood men or create your own even awesomer list. There is now, of course, a crying need for a shortlist of the women of True Blood someone would like to date. Just pointing that out.

Source: LocateTV

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Rutina Wesley A Break-Out Star of the Year

December 16, 2010

Accolades for Rutina Wesley

Rutina Wesley as Tara has named True Blood‘s Rutina Wesley one of its Break Out Stars of the Year for her work in the role of Tara Thorntonin everyone’s favorite vampire series. The True Blood star joined seventeen other entertainers on this list of talented and notable stars of 2010.

The Julliard-trained actress who plays Tara Thornton is so pleasantly naive and beguiling that we just can’t look away.

So true! Congratulations to Rutina for her well-deserved recognition.


(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)


True Blood’s Denis O’Hare Talks Broadway Show Closing, New Projects

December 11, 2010

‘Vampire King’ Remains Upbeat and In Demand

Denis O'Hare as 'Elling' and Brendan Fraser as 'Kjell' in Elling on Broadway

You may have heard the disappointing news that Denis O’Hare‘s (Russell Edgington) Broadway show Ellingclosed after just nine days. Despite especially glowing reviews for O’Hare’s performance in the title role, there simply was not a large enough audience filling the Ethel Barrymore theatre in which it was playing.

This is how the New York Times online announced the closing:

The new play Elling,” which opened on Sunday and stars Denis O’Hare (a Tony Award winner for “Take Me Out”) and Brendan Fraser (“The Mummy” movies), will close this Sunday after 22 previews and nine regular performances, a spokeswoman for the production said on Thursday. The play, about two roommates from a mental institution who are adjusting to life on the outside in Oslo, had a well-received run in London; the Broadway version…drew praise from theater critics for the performances — particularly Mr. O’Hare’s — but mixed reviews over all.

Mr. O’Hare, who is enjoying more success as a vampire king on the HBO series
“True Blood,” was among the first to put out the word that the show was closing. In a note on his Facebook page he wrote:

“If you want to see Elling, ya better hurry. We are being closed down this Sunday … yup. Our producers will go no further. Happy Thanksgiving!”

In the video (below) True Blood’s Russell Edgington is joined by his ‘Elling’ co-star Jennifer Coolidge, for a wide-ranging and rollicking  interview. With a wickedly deadpan sense of humor, O’Hare discusses the closing of his Broadway show and his full plate of upcoming projects as well as a host of other very diverse and often quite amusing subjects.

Upcoming Projects for O’Hare

Fans looking forward to more of  the upbeat and somewhat offbeat O’Hare need not wait long. He plays a Roman solider in the film,The Eagle’, due to be released in February 2011, as well as returning to the hit CBS series ‘The Good Wife‘ in his role as liberal judge, ‘Charles Abernathy’.

We here at wish Denis all the best in what are sure to be his numerous new endeavors!  Also, we hope to not have to wait too long to find out the ultimate fate of one of True Blood’s most memorable characters,Vampire King Russell Edgington!

Sources: – ”Elling’ to Close on Broadway’ – ‘Denis O’Hare and Jennifer Coolidge: A Hilarious Interview’

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